Reporting to you LIVE from Toronto

Hey all. Just a quick update from the beautiful city of Toronto. I've been doing a lot of shopping and a lot of eating (which is okay with me) Here's a few things I notice about Toronto and my stay in general
  • People in the prairies are more polite
  • Doc Martens are not appropriate for walking
  • H&M is nice and good and pretty
  • I am bad at packing
  • I don't take photos anymore
  • Toronto is nice, I could live here
Okay so I thought I would show you my favorite purchase so far.. how sweet is this windbreaker/poncho from H&M?
Notice my snarky little smile in the first picture. I'm pretty pleased with myself on this find.
But the cream of the crop of my shopping stories goes hands down to this next one... I was shopping solo this afternoon and I thought I would give Urban Outfitters a second chance. (I came out empty handed the first run) I went to the sale section and was looking through jeans. I've wanted a pair of light colored denim for a while and I found a pair of Cheap Mondays that were definitely worn before. They had no tags so I took them to the front and asked how much they would charge me for them. The manager said since they were clearly worn I could just take them. How crazy is that? They were my size and I'm wearing them right now to be honest. 
More updates when I return home on Tuesday. Bye bye


Em said...

Thats awesome the manager let you take them for free! And love the poncho. H&M is great.


freya said...

oh mon ami you are a lucky duck. a lucky duck that i flip floppin miss like flipper the show

Emma said...

oh my godddddddddd of course you would get free clothes from Urban Outfitters.

come home now please.

Emma said...

I'm digging the wind breaker.

Anonymous said...

this is why living in toronto is the shit

ahaha i work at uo, the one on yonge street. I was working a morning shift. hahaha it would have been cool if i met you

love the blog

Andrew said...

Yeah, that's the one I went to. I went at around 5:00 though..

ps who are you

Meghan and Lana said...

cool man it looks nice on you. bet dem jeans look good too. hope you're havinnn funnnnn

Anonymous said...


Katina said...

Well done with the jeans.

Anonymous said...

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