lurkers unite

So I read somewhere that an average of 90% of a blogs readers are lurkers. Then 9% of the remaining contribute little to the blog. That leaves 1% who are active comments.

So, Stefanie is the 1%, and there are about 9 people who comment every so often... meaning there are at LEAST 90 people who will read this who do not comment. (I have full faith that this research is 100% accurate)

There is nothing left to do but this. Lurkers unite! Make yourselves known!! I am expecting 90+ comments on this entry, you realize.
Cookie for a comment. Yum


Stefanie said...

lol sweet stats
PUN INTENDED (cause cookies...you know...)

idk :*(

saltwater said...

i was a lurker
until now
if i could put a picture in this comment
i'd find a picture of miley cyrus eating a cookie (to stick with the cookie theme)


Russless said...

Just turn the lurk around like I do, tracking your visitors and keeping a notebook listing their IP address, internet provider and location.

hahahaha just kidding. (but really)

Mich said...

haha i think i have commented once before (maybe?) sorry if not. i appreciate your desperation. and your blogging :)

tiffany said...


Brigitte Plouffe said...

i'm guess i'm a half lurker? i comment sometimes!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i'm a definitly a lurker.
that cookie looks scrumptious.

Dana said...

im guilty,
i'm lurky.

Anonymous said...

okay, it's me. I can't help it, I love to lurk!

Anonymous said...

hahah! i love this! you don't know how lazy I feel to comment sometimes, but I do read a lot, thats true. It has something creepy to it, i you ask me. I always wonder what kind of people visit my site and read. hmm...

thanks for the kind comment. made my morning, b/ sometimes i even wonder why i am doing all the blogging stuff...lol

Fatima said...

I am stepping out. I'm a lurker no more!

Unknown said...

is that a soft cookie?

Anonymous said...

HIYIH. 1 more lurking lurker for your collection

tara said...

i'm that 9%.

Meghan and Lana said...

Since I have no access to the internet I barely even lurk. . . I'm so ashamed! Don't worry, I'll be commenting and stalking in full force come September.
x L

Emma said...

lurk lurk lurk

sunni said...

i just found this blog, so im not a lurker, but i share your sentiments about lurkers.

Unknown said...

you are funnnnnnnnny, andrew.
i think that i will get a blog and be half as funny as you.

-taylor (yes you know which taylor!)

Anonymous said...


Parkey said...

cookie please :D

Anonymous said...

i want the cookie :) yum.

Emma said...

67 to go m8

Zlata said...

K so, extra lurk over here, because this post was in August. It's December.
From a total stranger: I adore your blog. Evidently.
Cheers fellow lurkers! :)

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