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Hat - Roberto Piqueras c/o Lab & ID / Shirt - Joe Fresh / Shorts - Thrifted

A big thank you to the folks over at Lab & ID who picked me as the winner of their Facebook contest for this amazing Roberto Riqueras cap. I've been a huge fan of his work for a while but haven't been lucky enough to wear/own a piece of his until now. If you like his work you should prrrrrobabbly check out Lab & ID's sale section where a few of his pieces are at a crazy good price right now.

PS: Can we please talk about these XXL light denim shorts I just thrifted? My recent philosophy for shorts (and all clothes in general) is the bigger the better. I mean it. Like, ridiculously huge, made for someone twice my size. If you need me I'll be scavenging the maternity/plus size section of the local thrift store.


Matthew Spade said...

i'm only just getting into shorts you know too. well done on the win, finally hey!

Anonymous said...

interacting with the real world always reminds me that not /everyone/ adores super oversized stuff. but, like, this isn't the real world, so.

Iris and Daniel said...

wwwoow i'm obsessed with these pix

Anonymous said...


Stephanie / Cocochic said...

That hat. Vvvv good.

Blog | Cocochic

Arushi Khosla said...

Hell yeah. Love it.

x Arushi
www.bohemianlikeyou.net + www.arushikhosla.tumblr.com

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