Pulling Teeth: The Long Lost Daniel Palillo Interview

One of my all time favorite designers, Daniel Palillo, was nice enough to answer some of my silly interview questions earlier this year. I'm so excited to finally share the long lost 'Pulling Teeth' interview alongside images of his incredible Autumn Winter 2013 'Wasted Youth' collection. Enjoy!
How are you Daniel, A/S/L?
I am good. Busy. Broke my finger yesterday. I think I have broken four of my fingers in my life. My record is that I broke the same finger for three times. I play soccer and I am goalie. So now its gonna be a small holiday.


Tell us a bit about yourself/your work.
Taking it easy. Taking my work easy. Trying to not stress about it too much and living day by day.

There always seems to be a sense of humor to your work, is that something that is important to you?
Yes humor is very important for me, and definitely in something like fashion. You should not take it too seriously.

What are you listening to? Favorite song of the moment?
Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You. Check how cool they are.

This might be asking you to pick your favorite child, but do you have a favorite collection of yours?
Its always the latest one at the moment. It reflects what I am into and what I am doing at the given moment.

Favorite junk food?
Vegetarian burger.

Cartoons have shown up in your work before. Favorite cartoon character?
The comic book guy from the Simpsons.

Stand out moment in your career?
I love seeing my stuff at the streets. It is always a very special thing for me to see someone wearing my clothes.

What does 2013 hold for Daniel Palillo?
A lots of things but I can't yet talk about them . But we just did a collaboration with Underground Shoes. I am really happy how those turned out.

Where can we follow you online?
I try to be semi activate Facebook. And I guess it is somehow linked to my Twitter account, too.


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