Living a Lie

Sandals - Christopher Kane & Adidas

A day will come when I will truly learn my shoe size and stick to it. Until then, I will continue to pretend that I can squeeze into a 40 sandal, meaning I will spend my hard earned money on designer footwear that I won't ever be able to wear. Seriously, though. How could I not lie to myself about these iconic Christopher Kane orthopedic looking metallic beauties? Imagine them with white socks... dear lord. But, if you were wondering, a Christopher Kane 40 is a regular 40 and not magically the 42 I would need for them to fit. So I had to settle for a simple are of Adidas. (which are great too! don't get me wrong)

On that note, if anybody is a size 40 and wants to chat about buying these from me my email is on the bottom bar. Give me a shout ;) I'd love for them to go to a good home who would truly appreciate them!


Iris and Daniel said...

omgggggggg those are perfect

Unknown said...

amazing !!

Amanda said...

OH NO!! what i shame. i would do the same thing (and have with other wearables!). they will find a home :)

Duck said...

I too have tried to squeeze my feet into smaller sizes to steal the womenswear but it (almost) never works. Flat sandals are the only shoe I ever, ever have a chance of working, unless I start ordering from drag shops...

Matthew Spade said...

Ah better luck next time my man. Thanks for the congrats too

ELIXE said...

Bad things happen to good people :(


oh nooo :((
I do that with larger sizes and end up stuffing toilet paper in my shoes so they fit
though isn't size 42 super easy to find in outlets and sale? I always come across amazing shoes of which only one pair is left in size 42

Unknown said...

Nice and chic sandals by adiddas.Really adore them.

Unknown said...

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