Pulling Teeth: Petra Collins Interview

Next up in the Pulling Teeth interview series is artist & photographer Petra Collins. We chat about age, pizza, teen crushes, and her amazing body of work.

Hey Petra, A/S/L?

Your age is obviously a buzz question for you. Do you think it plays a part in your work? Are you sick of talking about it?
Yes of course it plays a part in my work, especially with subject matter. I'm not sick of talking about my age but I am sick of people being so surprised at the fact that young people have something to say and can be good at things. We.are.the.future.and.we.are.smarter.   I'm definitely sick of hearing things like: "You are so good....for your age" - Like what the hell does that even mean?

Favorite pizza topping?
Lots of meat...

There is a definite vintage quality to most of your work.. Are you influenced at all by current teen culture?
Yes! I an 100 percent interested in current teen culture. There is so much going on in teen culture today. We're living in this crazy age of technology and I think teenagers of this generation face far more pressures then before. I think maybe the 'vintage' quality of my work is due to a sort of nostalgia and sadness I try to capture.

Favorite teen heart throb? Past or present.
Umm I can't recall any teen heart throb crushes ... but I can say I had crushes on like, all of my teachers.

What is your proudest accomplishment of your career?
I'm not sure, but I am most proud when girls tell me that my photos mean something to them - that is why I do my work - and that is my greatest accomplishment. 

You're a staple in the Rookie team. What do you love about the publication?
UGH SO MUCH! The message of the magazine, its so refreshing and heartwarming to be working for a publication that is a positive for young girls - there are no magazines like it.

Favorite song at the moment?
Everything Is Embarrassing - Sky Ferreira / Bad Girls - Blood Orange

Tiger Beat or J-14?
J-14 all the way  

What does 2013 hold for Petra Collins? Any ~exciting projects~?
I'm working on some film projects....

Where can we follow you online?
Instagram & Twitter / girlsandguns.tumblr.com / www.petracollins.com

All images via PetraCollins.com