Oh, Canada

With Toronto Fashion week fast approaching, I'm only realizing now that I neglected to post anything other than my outfits from last springs events. My duties were mainly to cover for MTV Fora (see part 1 & part 2) which gave me the great opportunity to check out literally every show I could fit into my schedule. Looking back now, I would prooobbabbly streamline the process a little bit. I never understand why people complained about being tired after fashion week ("it's all fuuuun!" I once thought) but after my last experience all I wanted was a hot bath and to lay starfish in my bed for 72 hours. Tiring stuff. But when the week was over and all was said and done, a few great designers stuck out in my mind.

That brings me to my next point. The Collections. Looks like this year some young designers are branching off and showing their collections pre fashion week. It just so happens that my two stand out favourites from last season, Chloe Comme Parris and Sid Neigum, are both showing at this off-site event. Now, I may be a bit sour because my travel plans don't quite coordinate with the Oct 16 & 17 schedule for The Collections, but my heart will be there in spirit!

If you are not in Toronto you should definitely take a look at these young, inspiring designers! If you arrrre in Toronto I strongly encourage you to get involved in the Collections. Although I can't make this show, I'll be watching these guys for seasons to come. I should also mention that I'll be lurking around Toronto from the 21st-24th so I'd love to hear about what is going on in the city for fashion week! I like beer and loud music so point me in that general direction.


Duck said...

Hope you post more about these smaller Canadian brands, I've never heard of any of them before!

Anonymous said...

chloe comme parris are sisters that graduated from nscad! One of them a textile major ;)

Sending lots of love from Halifax

. said...

I would love to hear about smaller Canadian fashion designers/brands. I've never heard of them either! :)

The Lovelorn

Anonymous said...

The sweater on #2 in the menswear collection !

Bookkeeping Toronto said...

on chloe comme parris the #2 was brilliant for me..i love the style

West Africa Gold Exploration said...

love all the men's wear attire..

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, what are you taking in school (if you are in school)? LOVE LOVE your blog!

furniture restoration toronto said...

fabulous attire,love the ladies wear..