If I were blind...

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A shocking realization came over my recently. With the extended (and I mean extended) amounts of time I spend staring at the computer screen, it's only a matter of time until I'm going to need a pair of eyeglasses. I know, I know. People who have glasses hate them. People who don't have glasses hate that they don't have them. You always want what you can't have. Regardless, I thought I would share a few pairs of designer glasses that would I would love to have (if I needed them, that is..)

First up are these Gucci glasses. I love the classic aviator shape with a thicker frame. There's something allllmost Terry Richardson about them, which I'm not sure I love or hate about them. At any rate, the classic Gucci logo on the side is a nice touch.

Secondly are these Ray Ban prescription glasses. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my post a few weeks ago where I donned a strikingly similar pair of glasses. Those, alas, were not real, but these guys are the perfect alternative. Classic style with a modern spin. I've owned a few pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses in my day, and they are easily the sturdiest, most soundly built sunglasses I have owned. I don't treat my possessions very well, so something that will withstand the worst treatment would probably be a good route to head down.

So, for now these will only have to be an unrealistic wish list. I'll just have to wait for my freak accident that compromises my 20/20 vision.


vn said...

I really like the last 3.
they have a great 50s feel to them.


Matthew Spade said...

well i'm a part time glasses wearer and i like it, so there's some happy medium. i'm sure i would get annoyed if it was full time

jenny! said...

This makes me want to stare at the sun for hours.

Iris and Daniel said...

The Ray Bans gradation from black to clear is so cool, love them! I've stuck with the same pair of glasses for like the past two years, maybe I should try these next time I visit the eye doctor.

Anonymous said...

Spell check your fucking posts... Unprofessional and dumb.

Teemu Bling said...

I don't hate my glasses, I just hate that I can't buy sunglasses as much as I would like to :/