Mesh & Leather

Mesh shirt - Thrifted / Mickey Shirt - Thrifted / Necklace - Thrifted / Leather Shorts - Altered Vintage Pants / Boots - Dr. Martens / Sunglasses - Jil Sander

Alas, finally some nice weather. I think this will mean good things for blogging. I can actually put the extra effort into my outfits, and I'm not freezing my ass off trying to take outfit shots. Lets hope it lasts... (We've been burned before. Winnipeg is the worst)
A bit about this outfit... this mesh shirt has proved itself to be the best laying piece ever. I've worn it a million different ways, but this is the first time trying it over a graphic t-shirt. I wanted a pair of super baggy leather shorts so I bought these ladies leather pants and chopped them off. Easy as that.
Also, does anyone else ever feel a weird sense of accomplishment when you step outside and realize that nearly every piece you're wearing is thrifted? I love that this outfit (excluding the sunglasses) cost under $25 bucks. It's all about the small joys in life. ;)


Izzy said...

looking good! the print now looks pop-arty!

Iris and Daniel said...

love the simple proportions and shapes done in such effective textures! so jealous of this athletic-y mesh jersey t-shirt thing, could change up so much basic pieces. awesome outfit!

vn said...

I love how it's all industrial/alternative/grunge
and then you have mickey there
as well! - great hair.

Matthew Spade said...

it's really satisfying isn't it, looks good chap

Unknown said...

Love the leather shorts!

Larissa Blintz said...

ugh, so perfect. i suggest you sleep with one eye upon if you choose to not give me that mesh shirt!

EMMY said...

Blog about your hair!

Sandra Azwan said...

LOVE IT!looks cute on you...;-)

from Malaysia, with love...


ahh perfection!! never thought of layering mesh over a printed tee.
More updates please Andrew!!

Anonymous said...

Man get some new references. Feel like everything I see you wearing has been worn by other bloggers (hint: pelayo diaz)/appeared recently on party/streetstyle blogs. Majorly lacking in authenticity yo

Teemu Bling said...

I agree with Ivania, more posts! ;) And I want to see more pics here on blog too with the mesh shirt w/ the BOY shirt, it looked great in the pic I saw in Twitter or somewhere... Instagram? Whatevs. It was cool!

Michele said...

Love this! I want a mesh shirt now. And I know that feeling, it's awesome, no need to break the bank in order to look GOOD.

Duck said...

Really like the layered mesh - have though about doing this myself but then I haven't seen any round here I like except the dreaded American Apparel.

To "Anonymous" above - get a life!

Style-Spy-Blogger said...

like this outfit!!!!


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Unknown said...

these men mesh shorts are exactly what i was looking for; something light, didn't retain moisture and easy to workout in.

Unknown said...

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