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A friend texted me this morning reminding me that I hadn't blogged since June. What the hell happened to me?! I've had a crazzzzy month with the Winnipeg Folk Festival, a bunch of concerts, my 21st birthday, visits from friends from out of town, and a million other things. I've been having a ton of fun but just haven't seem to have time to post. But, enough excuses.

Sweater - H&M Fashion Against Aids / Cuffs - Etsy
Juun.J never fails to be one of my favorite collections season after season. The S/S 2010 show was where I first fell in love with the idea of the suit jumpsuit I shared with you a few posts ago. This season was no different. The main thing I was lusting over from this collection, however, was the gold cuffs. A little easier to emulate than the suit jumpsuit, I might add. So naturally I took to Etsy to see what I could find. The shop I came accross was called Bare Naked Findings and they have quite a few different styles/shapes of cuffs to choose from. I just got them in today and I couldn't be happier. They are well made but still flexible enough to fit my wrists.

Juun.J S/S 2012 via fucking young

I've got a few more things I'm really excited to share with you guys in the coming days. It's been unbelievably hot in Winnipeg recently. Tough to be creative with your wardrobe when it feels like +42°C (+107°F). Hopefully it cools down just a wee bit in the next few days so I can have fun with my clothes again.

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Matthew Spade said...

they are a pretty good match, nice etsy find. i've never really been on there much. what's next then, gold bits on the shoes?

Juanduh said...

Totally in love with your sweater, I'm crazy to find something in that color but so far I haven't seen anything!


Anonymous said...

BABY you rock my world in mint green! So Handsome! Loveeee the cuffs too! Can't wait for the upcoming posts!

Kirstie. said...

Look at those beauties doll you look great.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean your friends cousin texted you?

susie said...

man, so jealous! i wanted this look because celine did a flat gold cuff just like this. like you, i also immediately turned to etsy but never once found a comparable pair! (this was months ago).

and aside from my sartorial jealousy, this is a great look!

susie said...

ps happy belated 21st birthday! and i shall perhaps now check out this shop you found...

kim said...

those cuffs are crazy. Love them!

clothes are cute

ELIXE said...

hmm you are SUCH an innovative blogger, all your ideas are so awesome. how do you think of this stuff?

km. said...

love these cuffs. I am immediately visiting the etsy store!

Kate xo

Taj said...

duuuude!! those cuffs are EVERYTHING!!! def trying this look out! been wanting to since I saw how Celine and MKors did it this fw11 season!! but ur styling is awesome!


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