DIY: Temporary Hair Dye

About a million years ago (ok, just over a year ago) I made a blog post about wanting to bleach my hair and then dye it crazy colors. I had long forgotten about that dream until I was sitting in the salon chair and my good friend Chelsea suggested "Why don't you have your hair a different color every day you're in Toronto!?"

I loved the idea but questioned how we could do it. She suggested using washable markers. I was a little apprehensive at first but thought it was worth a shot. She gave me a few tips on how to do it and man, was she right. It's apparently not an unheard of process, but I couldn't seem to find any helpful videos online. I decided to set up my camera and record a little video showing how I do it myself. Also I should mention that I used Crayola Tropical washable markers. This 8 pack has a really nice assortment of pastel colors.

I worried the first time I did it about how temporary it was actually going to be. Like I mentioned in the video, as long as you don't add water you shouldn't have any trouble. Here's a few cellphone photos of other colors I did!

Lavender & Turquoise

So many fashion editorials and even shows are featuring colored hair lately but it's such an extreme thing to commit to. That's why I love this process, simply because of how temporary it is. I know for myself, picking just one color would be an impossibly hard decision. So, if you're blonde like me and want to experiment with hair color, try this out! I really like the look of it just being random highlights here and there, but obviously you can do as much or as little as you like.

Good luck! And please, if you try this out make sure to comment and let me know how it goes. I always love seeing what people get out of my DIY projects! Makes it so worth while!


Stefanie said...

I was really excited to read this post. I just knew it would be informative and MAN was I right.

Matthew Spade said...

that's the way to do it. you look like you have pretty versatile hair. i myself have no, it's curly naturally but over the last couple of years i've started to lose it. gona shave it down to a number 3 tomorrow. think it looks alright though, don't fancy a comb over

R. Wiles said...

Just jumped on the streaking train and did a post on it myself... Then I was ultra thrilled to see this here!

I love the sections of colour. :) Loveeeely!

Anonymous said...

does it damage the hair though? =/
still, looking pretty awesome!

ELIXE said...

"So, if you're blonde like me"

Wends said...

yes! fairy floss hair mmm

km. said...

what a great idea!!! Love the pink

Kate xo

goodbyestockholm said...

love the way both colors look on you with turquoise being my favorite!

Jazz Virtue said...

I just bought a clip in pink piece..AHH LOVE IT! Very inspired by colourful hair right now and yours looks awesome, love the pink especially :)

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

Lol i love your tags "YES YES YES YES."This is such a good idea! I'm going to try this (if it ever happens that I will be able to bleach my hair).



Julia M said...

I used to do this to my dolls all the time when I was younger, then when I bleached my hair it was such a handy way of trying out colours without committing. You're right though, there isn't much information out there about it!

subjectivism said...

Ah this is so wonderful and creative. I wish I had thought of this though you do have to bleach till almost white for this to work. I am getting tired of the turquoise.

Anonymous said...


Andrew said...

The Black Lips - Veni Vidi Vici (Diplo Remix)

Stepp Luk said...

finally knew how to make my own hair!

0000 said...

Holy shit, that is so awesome; in fact, your entire blog is awesome and I can't wait to get off my lazy ass and make a link to it for my blog.

Anonymous said...

The treat! I'm gonna marker dye my ombre.

Kylie said...

Who the hell would want rainbow hair?

I liked the vid, very cute.

Miss you, Michele!


Kelly-Ann Maddox said...

Very jealous! I am now inspired to make sure that my hair is my next canvas.

STEFANIE said...

nice job, looks great :)

nevena said...

that looks awesome, i really like the pink.

Angel Garcia said...

Yes, do the temporary.. My dumbass once made the mistake of doing it permanent and it completely ruined my hair.. Never again... It looks awesome though!

All the best, Angel

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahh, that's really cool, i really want to have that bluey colour in my hair this summer. Haha, i was going to try crepe paper to temporally dye my hair with, must try it along with some crayola pens then:D

costra y ampolla said...

my little pony hair!!!

the h&m video is hilarious!!


Anonymous said...

Colored hair is way too over done right now. You're just following every other trend... that's your entire blog.

Anonymous said...

Haters gonna hate.

cecylia.com said...

Hmmm I have dark hair so can't try it but looks great on you!! Love your style too

Come follow my blog hun :)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

This is so amazing. x hivenn

SC said...

Oooh pretty colours.

Andrew you're so cute O_O;; /fangirlin'.

chels said...

oooo baby. u so fine

Unknown said...

Came to this post via Hivenn and so glad I did! It's such a great process!! I've done it myself several times and I should let you (and everyone else) know that it also works on other colours of hair as well!! Check out my post from april: http://winniereally.blogspot.com/2011/04/highschool-hair.html

:) and great blog!


kim said...

love how it turned out. I want to try this but I doubt you'll see anything on my dark brown hair. Anyway, great post!

clothes are cute

Pedro Alxdr said...

how long does the color stays? like weeks? or days?

Hope Thompson said...

Ahh I love this! Such a good idea.

Anonymous said...

this is such a good idea,love all the colours x

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

so cute!! i was hoping you were going to talk, though. cuz i'm kinda a perv.

holly said...

Tried it and it worked brilliantly! Thank you so much for the sharing the idea! I found you could do it without breaking the markers open, even, to get a nice color-dipped effect.

Laura said...

I found you on MTV FORA! Your hair looks greaaat! I'm gonna have a go at lilac dip dye me thinks!

Now following :)



Anonymous said...

You're adorable. Lol.

katrina said...

fun! thanks a bunch. i thought about using markers before but couldn't find info from other people who had done it, so i never tried! definitely doing this tomorrow :]

Anna said...

I've been growing my hair for a while now to donate to Locks of Love, so I can't get it colored. This solves everything. Thanks so much. <3

Burkha said...

Oh honey! you look so good on the video! and just like a pro (i just did a related topic post and I linked your blog).
Question...what should I do if I want a lighter shade? mi instinct told me to water it, but then I read your suggestion. Do you have any idea? should I just water it even though it gets harder to take it off? does it goes away completely?
Thanks!! following your blog!

Unknown said...

Can this work with a deep black hair color??

Anonymous said...

This sounds terribly scary, but permanent markers actually work really well. When I was 14 I was on a mission to change my naturally dark hair against my mother's better judgement. So I tried it and it worked. Still washes out with the first shampoo, but works on dark hair.

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