Daniel Palillo A/W 2011

One look at Daniel Palillo's lookbook for his A/W 2011 collection called "Talking Heads" and I immediately saw myself in everything. With a little help from my friend Nick from Elixe and his photoshop skills, seeing myself in the collection is much easier! (and slightly creepier...)

View the entire lookbook
I've been a fan of Daniel's since the Welcome Hunters days (RIP) and have been eying some of his pieces on Shop Fatal ever since. I love the idea of a line that doesn't have a specific customer or gender. I think the pieces are really interchangeable between men and women but still maintain a really cool, easy silhouette. Not an easy feat! Daniel does it again with the latest collection of unisex looks. I hate that I don't own anything from this or any of the other collections yet, but after trying a few looks on (ha!) I think it's obvious it's a good fit. Looks like it's about time I got myself something!
But in the meantime I think I should turn off my computer before these photos make my head explode. Too weird.


ELIXE said...

i have no words

OHJAMIE said...

Incredible pieces! Didn't know about this designer.
Love some of the jumpers x

Izzy said...

Everything is so you indeed. And the (hopefully intentional) oversized heads crack me up.

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

hahaha your too funny! i must say you look very cute in the collection


Kimberley said...

Haha. Nice photoshop skills. I love Daniel too. I was suppose to buy the leggings from Shop Fatal when they were on sale a while back but didn't :(

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Hahaha! Those made me laugh, especially when i got to the last one. This collection is amazing though, i loveeee the fourth one :D

Obscure Alternatives said...

aah i was just about to make a post about this.

that black shirt with the oversized studs on it is badass.

Maria said...

hahahahah! way cute! I love the caps for aw and go Finland!

Carolina said...

those are so rad!! i love the first sweater :) thanks 4 introducing me to a designer i didn't know of!!

and thanks 4 the comment on my blog :)

Antonia said...

this is you x 10000

Edrick said...

LOL! beautiful!!!!!

Emmmma said...

I'm not creeped out as much as I am turned on.

On a SERIOUS note, digging the third top with the long sleeve/stud combo and striped pants. work baby worrrk

JadoreMrPlastic said...

your blog is so amazing wish my blog was this amazing wowww


!♥ m i m i said...

That is so freaky...


rL said...

the last one is LOL worthy, but the rest are perfect and so you.

wobblinbetty said...

awwww amazing!!! I did the same post about Daniel Palillo's work cause he's a genius and I love his creations...but your version is way too cool man!!!
your the perfect model, somebody should tell Daniel... :D

freya said...

they are all fucking hilarious i cant stop laughing at cha neck boi.

Alan Li said...

Haha! When I first saw this I honestly thought that this was all your's! Your friend's photoshop job is awesome and the second outfit is my favourite:)


jayne said...


Simen said...

This collection is great, and I especially like the loong black and white shirt/sweater.

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