Halloween so ZEF

Halloween is my favorite, favorite, favorite time of year. I was stressed out a little bit this year, because I've normally got my costume idea picked out by mid summer. My pal Freya and I had a complete AH-HA moment with the release of the new Die Antwoord video "Evil Boy" a few weeks ago. We scrambled to get everything we needed for our costumes and worked our little fingers dry but it was totally worth the blood, sweat and tears. I'm so committed to halloween I didn't even mind cutting all my hair off. Yikes! No regrets.
If you haven't already seen the video... WATCH!

Oh, and you might notice something new hanging from my ear. I figured, if I was going to do Ninja I had to do him right. Soo a few weeks ago I got my ear pierced. I've actually wanted to get it done for a while and I'm glad I finally had an excuse to go and do it.

How incredible does Freya look? Holy shiiittt Yo Landi!

We ended up posting a photo on their Facebook page. We received this notification shortly afer:

Holyyyyy shit! Our photo ended up getting posted in an album of other "zeflings" and we ended up getting the most comments/likes out of everyone (click here to see the photo on Facebook). Soooo crazy. Definitely made it all worth it!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I'd love to see what everyone else was for halloween. Please feel free to post photos in the comments section! I have another costume I wore out on Friday night... I might end up posting those along with a few of my favorite costumes from the past (inspired by the amazing Hard Liquor, Soft Holes)


Lee Strange said...


Willis said...

zef so freshhhhhhhhhhhh

Lisa Tustin said...

OMG you guys looks so amazing!! The video scares the crap out of me and I love it



Kylie said...

Did you notice the title of my Halloween post?? It's a line from evil boy, so yeah, it's pretty much on constant repeat on my laptop. Love the song, love die antwoord, love you guys, you look killer, the end.

Oh and it's nice to see pictures in front of that white closet. I miss those.


Anonymous said...

I love your friend's eyes... By the way, your hair looked better before. And for the flim clip, it is hilarious.

anna said...

well done!

K A T H L E E N said...

so awesome!! love this.

Tracy said...

die antwoord are amazing, great fan of them. your halloween constumes are brilliant as well, you really look like ninja :D

Anonymous said...


Nia said...

this is sooo beyond
and awesome you guys got so much hype on the fb page!

Raez said...

holy shiiiiit you guys rocked this! you look like you came right out of the vid, so rad.


Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

AMAZING. you look boneable.

chloe said...

shit! i was die antwoord also! lol you pulled it off awesomely. i went for the live performance yolandi- gold leggings, crop top. and my ninja had the same shirt as you. but dude, fuckin sick.

jane said...

this is fantastical. I am still talking to people about this.

Anonymous said...

this is like... the coolest shit I ever saw in my life!

Anonymous said...


MWM said...

i thought you were zef for like a good minute hahaha amazing. you look good as always

kendal croix. said...

ive seen them play twice in the past few months. gosh i love me some die antwoord.

Wends said...

holy crap this is awesome!
freya's jacket droool

subjectivism said...

this is the most amazing halloween costume of all time.

Unknown said...

I know it's a super old post.. but i remembered your post when i planning my outfit for halloween this year It took me like 3 weeks to grow my facial hair for halloween and i HATE facial hair.. and i had to grow my hair even though for the 3 months prior to halooween i pretty much had to wear it in a pony tail everyday..i coloured my hair with spray paint on the night knwing it would probably fuck my hair up but it was the only thing that gave it the right effect :D I even got my eyebrows shaped all in the name of Halloween.. my friend and i went as Mary Magdalen and Jesus everything of mine was all DIY aswel. and i can't wait to be able to wear my cross necklace again it was such a mish to make though :D
Here's some photos for you to see if u want :P
p.s UR blog is AMAZING and it makes me want to diy more and more and thrifting (op shopping in NZ) is so fun !

Unknown said...



these are the photos... hope the links work :D

Unknown said...

Hi! Can you help me? I've wanted to do the rat costume for awhile now. Love what you've done, can you tell me where you got the rats though, I'm having a hard time finding them!

You look amazing both of you!

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