Sorry, sorry, sorry. I'm not sure what's going on with me but I'm really not on my A game with blogging anymore. Anyone who knows me knows that my room is a constant disaster. I finally had enough so I basically gutted my room, got rid of 60% of my clothes, and decided to start (somewhat) fresh. A good friend of mine is helping me build a wall unit, so hopefully organization will be the key to help me keep my room clean. I'm a huge believer in your attitude/feelings reflecting that of the space you live in, and I've been living in a rut for the longest time. I'm really hoping that this can give me a fresh start of sorts, as corny as that sounds.

Having said that, I'm really hoping the organization/refining my wardrobe will not only be a positive thing for my life, but for my blog as well! Blogging has sort of lost the excitement for me, and I hate that is has. I'm not about to make some harsh decision and close my blog, or anything of that nature. The process of my room is still going and hopefully when it's done I'll be re-inspired to share it (among other things) here.

So, there you have it folks. I thought I would try to explain my absence. I really do love blogging and I'm hoping that I can really come back with a bang! I'll see you guys sooner than later!


Raez said...

boy, you need to hire me as a your personal organizer!! i can organize anything and everything, just hollaaaa, lol.

anyways, i hope it works out for you. i think youre right about it reflecting your mindspace...all you'll need after organizing your room and thoughts, is time to blog:)

good luck!


Stefanie said...

Noooooo, the part about not blogging anymore makes me so SAD.

I know i don't comment tons but i always read you you know thatttt

Anonymous said...

i'm 100%btm ,but i just wanna lick your ass

ELIXE said...

60% of your clothes?
uhm hello.
could of sent it my way.

Stefanie said...

could have*

Kylie said...

Aww I feel bad there's only 5 comments here... so here's one from me. Bye!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I don't know where I have been all these years, I only discovered your blog today and i am seriously hooked :)

anna said...

:( :( :( :( :( :(

rip. beautiful clothes

medulat said...

u have a pretty face, like a pretty girl from an american movie, the one that starts with a scene where ppl are walking to school and then a dog barks and someone trips

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

love the first picture!

jane said...

cant wait to see your new rooom and live in your gigantic bed!!! EKKK. good luck wit the renos! XO

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