Blood is the New Black

Holy smokes! It's been far too long. As per usual, I have no good reason for my absence from blogging. So, instead of boring you with fake excuses I'll get right to it. I got a nice treat in the mail after work today. My order from Blood is the New Black! I was extra excited to get this package, not only because of the amazing Brian Lictenberg collaboration t-shirt (front and center) I ordered, but because they also offer a super cool deal. For only $28 you choose your favorite designer collaboration they offer (I chose Brain) and your size, and they send you FIVE deadstock t-shirts! FOR TWENTY EIGHT DOLLARS?! They make it clear that you likely won't be receiving 5 shirts from the chosen designer, but they will do their best to send things you would potentially like based on your choice. It's basically a candy goody bag for the clothing lover. I took a gamble and boy was I happy. I was lucky enough to get not one, but two Brain Lichtenberg shirts, both of which are from the current season! Plus all the other shirts they sent are super rad. I swear someone there knows me because they sent me only black and white aka my entire wardrobe.

Here's a few links to check out

Plus this is a good oppertunity to invite any of you Winnipeg folks to an art show I was asked to be apart of. I usually wouldn't call myself an artist but I was up for the challenge that was presented to me. I've been working really hard and I think it's going to be a good show. Plus the other two artists involved are great. Super talented guys. Here's the deetz:

Hope to see some of you there!


Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

i spy brendan donnelly!

Antonia said...

Awesome post!!! What a great deal on the tees - I think they were made specifically for you.

Arguably better than your posts are your labels at the bottom of each haha "me x 5" = BEST

Wish I could make it to your show! Sounds cool, postpostpost tons of pics from the event!

ciao 4 nowwww

kimberleigh rose said...

Gaaaaahhhhh... I love it all too much. I AM going to spend all of my money on clothes if I continue to come across such wondrous pieces... And t-shirts too.

visit meeee: http://kimberleighrose.blogspot.com/

ELIXE said...

you're fat.
like tyra fat.

ELIXE said...

just kidding... not
now vogue boi

Kylie said...

really i think this is the most you've ever showed your face on this blog.

I hope BITNW reads this post and comments so they no I'm NEVER SHOPPING WITH THEM AGAIN after horrible customer service and a wrong order I've had in the past. Not cool.

Anonymous said...


Raez said...

work! im in love with the middle tee.

xx raez

Justine said...

You got SUPER lucky with your bargain bag! All of them are super wearable.

Anonymous said...

I'm digging your poses for these shots! Also, want all of these tees, I love BITNB designers!

Apeshite said...

Well, this is my first time hearing of Blood is the New Black. I'd cross my fingers until they fell off just to get my nubs on that Grace Monster shirt. Sweet deal, totally unheard of. Thanks, Andrew.

SOFIA said...

дизайнеры вперед!))

km. said...

Great tees! A theme in the first three? And may I say, I am LOVING your hair right now

Katelin xox

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

nice post..

R. Gratz said...

You kinda slightly remind me of Nicolo Festa from XFactor UK. And I think he's pretty awesome.


Lucas Logan said...

thats actually 3 lichtenburg tees. :)

-Lucas Logan

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