Washion Feek

As those of you who follow me on Twitter (cough, cough) may already know, I've been a very good male blogger lately. I've kept up with the mens fashion week shows so far! I normally put it off forever and never look back but I'm finding it a lot easier to look at the few shows that happen daily rather than leaving it all until it's all done. I thought I would share a few highlights for me thus far.


And just when I thought I would have to get over studs, Burberry throws in an unexpected punch of silver. I guess this means I can grasp onto studs for a wee bit longer!


(the fashionisto)
Windbreakers over motorcycle jackets? Done. Juun.J never fails to be one of my favorite collections season after season. I'm not sure how I feel about the visors but I'll let that slide.

Alexis Mabille

Classic example of how hair and makeup can make or break a show. I'm not familiar with Alexis Mabille, but I quickly flipped through these photos and disregarded them because of the hair and makeup. After a second look, I realized how much of the collection I really loved. The sandals, the one pieces, the suits. Such a great collection. Too bad all the models looked like fairies.

Anyways, those were just a few of my favorites. The skirts at Givenchy too, but that goes without saying. And to finish it all off, why not share my new favorite bag? Picked it up at a thrift store yesterday and I'm in love!


Unknown said...

Burberry!!! STUDS galore and I WANT! I'm not even a guy haha. Oh and yea I totally agree with you - that hair? Really? It looks like huge flakey dandruff pieces... gross.


Adeline said...

burberry gone punk?i was surely not expecting studs from them
and what is it with the hair?it had..flowers?

Cara said...

OMG. That. Burberry. Jacket.

Kylie said...

Wait, you deleted your last post? They still show up on google readers, jsyk! Yeah that new clutch is killer but I still like the oversized brown one better

ps- I think I forgot to tell you, but the silver toed oxfords from Also are on sale right now... like 30 bucks or something. I tried them on, they're niiiiice

Amanda said...

love all the junn j sandals

Raez said...

haha yes, you've been a good male blogger indeed! been keeping track myself (mostly just looking at all the yummy man candy LOL).

and hey you left out jil sander--jesus if i was a boy lord knows i'd wear fluoro bright clothes all the time!

let's chill soon!

ELIXE said...

love Burburry but Tisci did it better!

+ totally jealous of those pink shorts = too much to handle.

km. said...

LOVE the Alexis collection.
Though when I first saw his line, I thought the same thing! Sunburned fairies! Terrible hair and makeup..


K A T H L E E N said...

love Juun J. so into it!

Sybil said...

loving your new bag and those pink shorts! yay! :D

Animated Confessions

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

way into the bag.

Shade said...

TOtally liking you're pink shorts and of course that Burburry jacket!

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

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Anonymous said...

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