I wear eyewear

Here comes the typical "sorry I haven't blogged in so long" speech. SORRY I HAVEN'T BLOGGED IN SO LONG!!! I actually didn't realize how long it was until tonight. Jeez. I could say I was really busy but that would be a lie. I've been moderately busy but in some what of a slum. I think it has to do with the fact that my room is so messy and it's getting to the end of winter. I'm just ready for some spring cleaning and some spring weather. Something to revive my inspiration pulse because fashion week hasn't really but cutting it for me yet. Can't wait for the Jeremy Scott show tomorrow, though!!

Anywho I threw together a little video tonight. I have a box full of sunglasses and I usually forget to wear most of them. So, here is a quick video of 20 pairs of glasses :)

( song: ultimateShameFest - DREAMBURGER )

And just as I thought I was getting over studs, Gaga had to step out with this creation

My fingers hurt just THINKING about trying to stud that. OUCH. Would be soooo worth it, though. That thing is beauuutiful.

Also if you guys have a minute you should check out the new issue of Vinyl & Vodka. It's got the cutest valentines day themed photoshoot and a great interview with HEALTH. Click the cover to read it or visit the blog at vinylandvodka.com.


Katina said...

I love this jacket
I love the cross and the shouldres best
I love how you think you're too cool for studs
and the rest of the poem from 10 things Ihate about jyou

cody said...

great video :DDD


Anonymous said...

you use your fingers to put studs in? i use a knife or a pair of scissors (the blade) and don't hurt my fingers at all..

Nia said...

I like the part where you give the finger.


Trey Taylor said...

your new video gives me shivers. espesh that LAST pair of glasses.......

Kylie said...

LOL at that last comment. But yeah, nice video and I want all of those glassessss. I never got to see those bleudame ones but there they are. My new reading glasses look kind of like the ones at 13 seconds in...wieeeerd


McKenzie said...

gaga is a goddess.

Anonymous said...

i don't really like this video
you came off as one of those annoying teenybopper hipster posers....

June said...

i tell you... i ish there would be guys like you
in our fucked up town. :)

Extra Special said...

That jacket makes me ache for studs....
dang you gaga...

Meghan and Lana said...

i love this video you look fab and you are working that hair like yeah swinging your hips like yeah. you totally remind me of one of those really cool teenybopper hipster posers!!!!!!!!!!

Taj said...

every single pair of your sunglasses are MEGAMAZING!!
(you'll have to excuse my geektastic-ness, but i tend to make up adjectives:)lol)

Nanx said...

wow great post, the pictures on your blog are amazing


freya said...

this video was OKAY

Raez said...

LOL this is awesome. i only wish i had that many pairs of sunnies.

stemnitsa said...

i don't care about gaga, i care about the glasses i saw some great pieces in there, through hair. cool

Anonymous said...

u can do better

Willis said...

Love the video, and thanks for posting the magazine!!!!

Anonymous said...

i can tell by your eyes that you got a big dick

Wrecked Stellar said...

Wow, Lady Gaga's jacket is amazing. I love varsity style jackets anyway, but the studs take it to the next level!

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