Black & White

I love getting mail! It's almost worth all the money I waste online to come home from a long day of work to see a package waiting for you. Today, along with the new VMAN, I got a big box with my latest Ebay purchase.

Face pattern Doc Martens! Worn here with Jeremy Scott for Ksubi jeans. I love the idea of mixing black and white patterns. This combo is a bit extreme but I'm sure I'll find an appropriate occasion sooner or later (Lady Gaga concert? No.. not crazy enough) I'll leave you with a few shots I saved in my "Runway / Street Fashion / Inspiration" folder. Don't know the sources but WHY DON'T I OWN BOTH OUTFITS?! WHYYYYY?!

Also, can I just give myself some credit here? Three blog posts in the last four days. I'm on a roll! I'm not really sure yet if this is a good thing or a bad thing. We'll just say good for now :P

By far my favorite blog on the internet, Coute que Coute, was running a contest for the coveted YSL Manifesto A/W 2009 magazine and bag. LOOK HOW PRETTY...
Like any sane fashion lover would I entered with my hopes high but my expectations somewhat low. My expectations were even lower when I watched the VERY dramatic video revealing the winner. Over 1000 people entered for this prize! You should really go to the entry and watch the video, but, I'm going to ruin the ending for you :P
There better as HELL not be another Andrew C in Winnipeg. AHHHHH!!! I nearly died when I saw it. I was literally shaking! And what are the chances that it fits along perfectly with my black and white post. TRUE DESTINY! That's what I say. And I'm doing this because I want to, not because I have to. GO READ COUTE QUE COUTE. It is honestly the best fashion (especially mens fashion) blog I read.



Katina said...

I love mixing black and white when one doesn't end up looking like a waiter.
Fierce boots, bitch. Do you recognize any of the faces or are they rando pictures?

Anonymous said...

hey i think you won the coute que coute YSL bag contest thing

lydia said...

WOW those are amazing. you should wear those pants and those docs all the time.

i just posted that picture of the polka-dot-suit guy! i love it so much.

Kylie said...

WOOOOhooo, you win those prizes! Ahhh, I'm going to be so jelous when I see you toting that baby around. COOL

But yeah, back to the post. This is wiiiiierd: #1- I've got an eBay order in the mail today too... although mines not as cool as yours

#2- I have that polka dot man in my "All that Fash" folder!! Wiiierd huh? Especially considering how few pictures I save. But this look makes me want b&w jumbo polkadots ALL OVER. I think this was outside some runway show... idk where the pic's from though. I wanna say Sartorialist but I go on there like once every 3 months, so it seems unlikely.


jacques said...

Coute que coute is not a blog, it is just a copy paste scan bin. what is the point? is he sick?

Clara Campelo said...

omg! you have a amazing pics here.
i want these boots. i love sooooooo much the previous posts.
i can link you?

pieter said...

OHH OH DEAR, THE DOCS ARE LOVE <#333333333333333333333

Brigitte Plouffe said...

CONGRATS ANDREW! i maybe need to borrow that bag once in a awhile. :)

Raez said...

hottest boots! seriously rad, cant wait to see you rock them! (loving the studded combats below too)

xx raez

Linda Love said...

the world is small. just stumbled across your blog, and it´s you. the winner of the coute que coute tote. funny

Michele said...

Those shoes are WIN. I got a few amaaazing docs a couple of days ago, made me so happy! xx

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