Back in Black (and beige)

Good news! Got my computer back earlier this week and they were able to restore everything. Got a new hard drive and it only cost $200, so that's good. I've been busy with work all week so I haven't had time to take photos of my most recent DIY. I made this about a month ago for the Britney Spears concert in Grand Forks. It had a bunch of different size/length chains coming down on one arm but I didn't get a chance to photograph it before they got ripped off by some any bitch at the concert. I had no idea Britney fans could be so vicious but they were CRAY-ZEE. Anyhow, here it is!

I've had the cropped jacket for years and it always seems to pop up at the perfect times. I didn't sew the sholder pieces on very well because I wanted to be able to put them on something else (I'm thinking just a black sweatshirt?)

And I figured I might as well do an outfit post while I was taking photos.

I haven't decided if the headscarf is offensive or not yet? I didn't actually wear it out... still have to get convinced on the idea first.

Wearing Joe scarf, thrifted cardigan and t-shirt, H&M jacket and pants, Dr. Marten boots


Unknown said...

That jacket is amazing! i love what you did with it. & FML i wish we could of got to see the chains !! Im sure it looked so dope!!


Nate Crime said...

so cool jacket ! i love it

Shade said...

you should def wear the head wrap out. not offensive at all. three words. I LOVE IT

freya said...

its not all about fashion, glamor and alcohol andrew.

Sal said...

work that turban honey
you shoulda worn that to the bs concert

SC said...

looking good (:

about the head wrap, as long as you're not making fun of Middle eastern men, then it's alright.

i wish guys at my school dressed like you.
they always seem to be impersonating eminem or something. very unattractive.

Katina said...

Nice turban broski
Also those bitches were FUCKING CRAZY But your jacket is still in good shape

Kylie said...

Dude, if you beleive in the turban then everyone else will. Maybe start smaller first? A headband perhaps? Baby steps, baby steps...

So some people just felt like ripping your jacket apart?? Okaaaay. I would have punched them out if they even touched me! Britney mosh pit, wootwoot!
I like how the shoulders turned out, they're the perfect size and shape. Overall awesomeness


Rebecca said...

fuck yes, all of it is great.

probably not your intention, but I adore your head wrap because it's totally this from Junya Watanabe, which I loved.

IRIS and PIETER said...

ahw you're so rad! i love it! plus the docs forever in my heart haha, too awesome, everything

TwistedLamb said...

siiick, so cool.

Nia said...

well it's not like I can afford the real thaang!
and I likelove you're jacket!

Post more :)

Anonymous said...

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