Okay so it's not question that my friends have great fashion but one of the definite front runners is my soulmate... the one, the only, her majesty... Bryn (soon to be) Chipman.

She hand painted these mother fuckers. You can see more of her impeccable taste in this post. So Bryn, keep being cool and sending me photobooth pictures of yourself and I'll continue to blog them without permission. I luv u.

Speaking of DIY projects, I think I might try something a little less original than hand painting a pair of boots. I saw this shirt on ASOS for over $100 and really liked it, but thought I could probably make something similar very easily.

I've been on the look for nice wifebeaters like that, but no such luck yet. Then, two shoelaces and presto! As I regularly promise, I will repost back to my blog immediately if I go through with this! So far... I don't think I've made any of the DIY things I said I would... whoops.

I should also apologize for the lack of posts for about a million years. The only excuse I can think of is that I've been watching too much Clueless, which is actually 100% true. I just finished the episode where backpacks get banned from their high school. When they're finally allowed backpacks again (after a very liberating walkout and protest organized by Cher and Deon) I spotted this backpack...

Excuse me but where can I find a backpack with an ape on it? I'm willing to pay anything... ANYTHING.

And just to finish this post off nice, I give you Ksubi Spring/Summer 2009

Space pants/high collars/double glasses/yellow socks? Yeah I'll take all of those thanks.


Kylie said...

I saw those and though "Dang I want them!". Then I saw handpainted, and thought "Whaaaaa"?!!
That's much to awesome. I don't even have a regular pair of docs, neverming wicked cool decked out ones. Jelzzzz

And yeah, no posting? What up with that, boyy?! All is forgiven


Kylie said...

And I totally remember that episode! Didn't they start making hand muffs to replace the backpacks... I was prob about 11 last time I saw this. Where are you watching the CLueless series? DVD box set? Cable? I miss this show!!

Andrew said...

The hand muffs were a fundraiser if I remember correctly? They were forced to wear a fanny pack instead.

Emma said...

those docs are badass

also, I have been meaning to watch Clueless for such a long time, so props to you my friend

carlyn said...

as much as i hate to say this, i basically have that wife beater from AA. they have some sebastian-skin something or whatever line, and they make wife beaters that come in sizes +1 up to +3. i have +1 and it's supaaaa baggy on me, so if you want it baggy i'd recommend the +3. from what i recall, it's around 30 bucks.

Em said...

Those boots are the coolest, mostly because she painted them herself! What a cool girl, I'm totally inspired!!


dear dukes said...

Why don't you use black edging from a fabric store for your shirt instead? It's cheap and I actually might have some plus the texture is nicer and it doesn't have the plastic coated ends.


Anonymous said...

pharrell is wearing those space pants on the cover of nylon guys


your friends rendition of floral docs are a million times better than the originals

i'm jealous

Meghan and Lana said...

Those boots are so dope. I would never have the patience. The string shirt however, is doable.
Try these tank tops they're really good:


xo lana

iris said...

ah i like your blog a lot lot lot! the handpainted boots from that girl are shocking! too beautiful! do you know what kind of paint she used? DIY's are the best, that asos shirt is awesome!