I woke up to this:

I am so so so so soooooo done with this weather, you don't even know. The problem with days like this is that I end up staying and doing online shopping all day. I almost ordered Creepers but I still haven't made up my mind yet. Which brings me to this...

Anyone from Winnipeg want to do combined shipping from 80spurple.com? I really want to order these glasses in white. They're only $10 but the shipping is more than the glasses themselves.

I got a hot tip from the lovely Nice And Shiny about the website http://www.bleudame.com which has most of the same glasses as 80spurple but with much cheaper shipping to Canada! I ordered my glasses in white and the shipping was something like $3! Thanks again, girl!


Katina said...

This weather is crazy typical of Winnipeg.

Unknown said...

I love the glasses, the shape and colour are killler. x

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy creepers online??

Andrew said...

beverlyheels.com has some

Kylie said...

Yeah, the snow today was totally uncalled for. Not hot, not hot at all. My car can't do 3 feet of snowy tundra

--> check your email about the sunnies!


Kylie said...

... I just realized your email isnt posted anywhere, sorry!
Can you email me? nice_and_shiny@hotmail.com

Thanks doll!

Stefanie said...

hi dear. i want those sunnies cause of Lady Gaga. k bye dear

we could grow up 2gether said...

like a million UGH!

Unknown said...

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