Because I suck at taking pictures of my outfits...

Here! Have three photos that show barely any of my outfit!

I finally put proper laces on my Docs. I took the fringe (along with the laces) off another boot but I think it looks pretty good like that!I should mention, those are the Cheap Monday jeans I got for free at Urban Outfitters!


Bean said...

whats 2x5+478-23/4x4?
huh? what?
i love your docs.

Chip said...


except I didn't do BEDMAS so thats probably wrong

Nice and Shiny said...

It was like, freezing rain and junk today heh? At least you were dressed for it, I came out of my house in a little trench coat and cropped jeans and completly impracticle oxfords. Not good. I don't even own gloves, lol!

I like the fringe on the boots, I've got some like that as well!


Newborn Hippy. said...

loving the docs

cheap thrills said...

loooove these boots !
they look amazing

longge said...

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