These Lego heart pins are selling for $100 each on Karmaloop.com. When I saw this I just had to run downstairs and raid my Lego collection from my childhood, which is sitting in our storage room collecting dust. It took me a while to find the right pieces in the same color but...

I eventually found enough in dark gray!

I pulled the pin back off ofo some ugly parrot pin I had for some reason

Total cost to me: $0! To think that people are too lazy to go out and get lego pieces and make their own and are willing to spend $100 on one of these blows my mind. So... who wants to buy this off me? I'll cut you a deal... $80!


Katina said...

omg betch, waita be.

$80 is a bit out of my price range, but I can probably get together like $60? $65? Oh, fine, $80.

Anonymous said...

pff i got the wolfpack castles, the pirate island , and the cowboy town. plus a variety of skeletons, monkeys, parrots, and barrels. beat that chipchip

Anonymous said...

ohh and at least 6 treasure cheats brimmin with mad gold.

Nia said...

Omg - 100$?!?!? That is ridiculous. And I like yours better (the grey is cute). Great DIY, but sadly, I don't have 80$ ;)

Anonymous said...

That's too awesome. Vintage fashion at it's best.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!


You're to cute, chip .

Stefanie said...

this is LAME
not ur diy, just the fact that they are ripping people off for 100 bucks :( it makes me sad

Kylie said...

Yeah I saw this on Karmaloop a few days ago and was equally confused. I mean, really? It's not even creative, if they really want to try and sell some lego for 100 bucks it might as well be shaped as something interesting... not a heart!
I like yours though, the grey makes it look better. Less childish, but still fun!


Sophia said...

genius!! i swear there are some pieces in there that i've never seen in a LEGO set anywhere. do you have special pieces are something? :-D

Anonymous said...

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