Happy New Years!

I went to a masquerade last night but didn't really want to wear a mask, so inspired by Brandon Flowers and this post I made a jacket with feather shoulders! (excuse the pictures, I look stupid but I'm too lazy to take other pictures)
I found these perfect little feather patches so it was a lot easier than I was expecting. 


Emma said...

Ugh it looks SO good, I wish I could have seen it in the flesh.
Or in the feathers.
Whatever, it looks awwesooommmme


Stefanie said...

dis is why ur my best fiend
omg GET IT: FIEND omgggggggggggggggg hilarius

catherine pri said...

mm..like this!!

natalie said...

also like patrick! he has had furry shoulders for a while

Katina said...

Fun Fact:
This jacket looked better on me.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite infatuated by this look. Possibly due to the fact the i'm quite in love with The Killers hehe. well done :)


Sarah Jean said...

I wish I looked as good as you in feathers!!!
I love thiss :) x

Kate said...

Happy New Year! Those feathers look sweet. I was actually quite dissapointed, Brandon Flowers got rid of his beard. I had goten quite fond of it.

Brittany said...

splendid work, chip!

Youngness said...

very soulful and eccentric.
thank you thank you thank for the invit on lookbook also:)

OhDearLeah said...

amazing jacket!
you could sell these!

Cory K said...

That's amazing. You did a great job.
And I love the blog. Check mine out.

forever and always . cory

Inspire the Starling said...

That suit jacket is immense...nice work maestro.

Antonia said...

k this is hotfire.
ps: where do you live? i'm moving in. that wallpaper is amazing.

Aliliisa said...

amazing blazer! those feathers looks so nice!

Kat said...

Where did you get the feather patches?

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