excuse the watermark

My next project that I likely won't finish:
Sheer pants. Even if I finish them I probably wouldn't ever wear them, especially since winter has begin. I saw this photo earlier today and liked the idea but skimmed right past. Later, in my pattern drafting class, my teacher brought a suitcase full of fabric that was given to her that she didn't want. In it, blue sheer material. Quite obviously a sign, wouldn't you agree?
Progress on that to come in the next year or so, judging by my terrible procrastination issues.  I'd like to make a pair of drop crotch pants, too. Here's hoping!


Katina said...

I gotta say,
this one,
I don't get.

Emma said...

watermark excused.

as for those pants...not so much.

stefan said...

dad wtf

Russless said...

I'm into it.

Where are you taking classes?

Stefanie said...

um...no ty

Andrew said...

Fuq the haters

And Russ, I'm in an Apparel Design course offered by Red River but it's actually at the U of M..

Alex A. said...

Andrew I took apparel design at UofM also! Judging by the fabric freebies to you happen to have Jan Bones as a teach?

Andrew said...

Yeah! That's crazy! How did you like it?

Meghan and Lana said...

I recently invested in a pair of sheer harem pants. Heart. Can we walk around and be mocked together?

Andrew said...

lana... It's happening

Alex A. said...

sorry andreww this is a late answer back to your question but i did indeed like the course. I learrned alot and everything i learned there is helping me out so much noww. How are you liking it?