hung up

After seeing a KID (literally, he was maybe 15) wearing this shirt in the Metrotown mall in Vancouver, I am completely in lust. I questioned it's authenticity or even if he KNEW what YSL was, but maybe I was just judging out of hostility. I am really bad at justifying purchases like this, and with a $245 price tag it's pretty hard to just whip out the ol' Visa card, even more so now that I'm unemployed and my bank account is slowly depleting. Maybe I could work out a deal with myself. Order this shirt and get rid of 30 thrifted t-shirts I never wear. Or better yet, sell them on ebay! I'm sure if I got together all the unworn items in my closet/thrown around my room I could raise enough to order it! This just might work...

I'll probably contemplate it for weeks and then forget about it. Talk me into it! 


Anonymous said...

don't do it! that price tag for a mere tee is not justified at all, imo. especially since it's not any fancy design, just a big fat logo helping to advertise the label. unless you're lusting after it for sentimental sake re: dead designer.

Anonymous said...

this looks super easy to re-create. id do that instead of buying it. re-creating it would be cheaper all around

freya said...

just do it... money is money it comes and goes.
do it.

Stefanie said...

I'm with Andrew W.K. on this one, just make it, seriously. If the piece was particularly unique in design I'd totally encourage you to save up and invest but this is just a cool t-shirt with a YSL logo on it.
I do however think you should start an ebay store selling off all the cool stuff you never wear! Think of it as starting your vintage shop but without a building!

Anonymous said...

That looks so easy to screenprint. Look it how to do a real print & just make it yourself, no one in Winnipeg will know!

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