Pulling Teeth: Yung Skeeter Interview

Hi Skeet. A/S/L?

Let's jump right in. Favorite songs of 2k13 so far?
Chief Keef - Hate Being Sober
Banks - Before I Ever Met You
Jessie Ware - If You're Never Gonna Move (Two Inch Punch Remix)
Shadow Child - 23

That's about right.

What's the best part about your job?
Seriously it's being able to meet cool people all over the world. You/Freya/Chelsea included ;). Most of my best friends have come as a result of traveling and playing music :D.

(Left Image via Young In Hollywood)

Who's your fav internet celeb?
Internet celeb?! Does that mean exclusively famous on the internet? Or fame birthed from the internet? I dunno I guess Molly Soda is my favorite "internet celeb." She is so sweet and talented. If I had a gajllion dollars I'd greenlight full production of "Tween Dreams" (see right)

Tell me about the transition from "Skeet Skeet" to "Yung Skeeter". Is it some sort of Benjamin Button thing? Are you getting younger?
Basically they couldn't say "Skeet Skeet" on the radio so all my songs couldn't be name checked lol. Figured it was probably time to take this music stuff a litttttle seriously and make some music that I gave a shit about so Yung Skeeter came from Rony calling me that and here we are. Basically... this

Best place you've been able to travel to? Worst?
Tokyo was 1000% the most life changing place I've ever been. If you're a creative person you need to go. Just have to. Worst place hmmm probably some shitty city in the southern US or Vegas lol

Are you down for the new Myspace? Is this really happening?
I dont know if I back the new one. It's great but not really for the same reasons the old one was great. I think the idea of the social network is gonna be parted out though. We can't all live in one space really and Facebook's already watering itself down.

You've also directed videos for other artists. Is that something you'll do more of?
I wish I could it's soooooo time consuming I really don't have time anymore. Will probably do some more of that in the future though.

Explain your fashion sense to us. Is your ~image~ important to you? Favorite item of clothing?
A lot of people know me as "Trevor the Fashion Guy who became a DJ" like when I was 19 I was doing a ton of graphic design work for little streetwear brands and random cut n sew brands and shit and the dream was to start my own line. I had all this vintage Dior and raw denim I had spent years collecting and then my whole wardrobe was stolen from my tour bus in 2008 so I kinda just didnt give a fuck after that haha. I had all these brands giving me free shit I just wore it and lived on airplanes and ate like shit and had a lot of good times. But in the last few years I've realized I basically dressed like a frat bro because I only wore free streetwear so I've stepped it up and made it a point to buy stuff that I love.

That said for me I primarily keep it simple. Great pair of black denim, APC petit standards, some khaki, an assortment of Vans, some drapey ass t-shirts and some simple great fitting dress shirts and then its just accessorize mane.

Favorite shit right now probably this Kenzo paisley jacket

You normally offer free downloads for your music. What are the positives to that?
I guess that's just the punk rock dude in me. I promised to never sell music and that was part of the skeet skeet thing, never really felt like I was capable of making anything people should have to buy. But I released the Yung Skeeter stuff properly because of cool platforms like Spotify where there is no barrier to entry.

Where can we follow you on the internet? Or IRL?
@yungskeeter on like errythang facebook.com/yungskeeter



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Move over Dina Lohan, there's a new white Oprah in town.

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R u the young Ryan Seacrest? cause this is some good coverage.

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I really love tween dream

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Love the photo layering!! And the jams are great!



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Hahaha I love the reason he had to change his name. So good.