I'mmmmm baaaacccckkkkkk

Sunglasses - Rayban / Muscle Tee - T By Alexander Wang / Jeans - DRKSHDW by Rick Owens

Well, here I am. After an unannounced, impromptu hiatus from my blog... I'm back! Part of me thought the summer would be a super great time for my blog, but the inevitable patio beers and late nights took first priority. I should've known better, but that's all in the past! We're here now and that's all that matters!

So, shall we address the elephant in the room? My white boy braids? Earlier this week I tweeted the cover of Dansk magazine featuring a corn-rowed out Sean O’Pry and I was obsessed. Working at a hair salon I knew I could find someone who would be willing to hook me up, and man did I ever. My dear friend Ola shared a couple bottles of wine and this was the result. They didn't last too long (two days) but they were fun while they lasted.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. I know I am! I've actually got a few fun things in the works for my blog, so I swear I won't leave you guys hanging like I have this past month. More posts! I swear!


Iris and Daniel said...

O'Pry eat your heart outttt.

Michelle Dylan Huynh said...

omg your hair! YESSSSSSSSS! x

Amphetamimic said...

So good to have you back! I have to confess that I've missed you. ö.ö

Anonymous said...

wow fuck u for leaving that long
glad ur back tho

Teemu Bling said...

You are back! Yess!! Love your hair in these pics, fabulous! You go, ghetto girl! ;)


Anonymous said...

Yo hur pretty

Michele said...

The braids. YES. They are a good thing. I used to wear these type of braids all the time when I was younger, and I was thinking that I would never wear them at this age. You're seriously making me rethink!

Verlyncia Tyson said...

This look is so swagged. Love it.

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