Hat - SSUR / Sweater - Thrifted / Necklace - Thrifted I know what you're thinking. I haven't blogged in forever. Well Comme Des Fuck Down, alright?! Here I am!! I've had a super crazy holiday season with all the visits from out of town friends and family events. What ever happened to the good old days of being in elementary school with no job and no commitment? When you could actually enjoy the break. I don't want to complain though because the past little while has been crazy - but also crazy good! I've done some major online shopping and this hat is probably the most amazing thing I've found. Images of it have been floating around all over the internet (mainly tumblr) and I knew I had to somehow get my hands on it. Every lead I seemed to find to this sold out hat ended in a dead end until I happened upon the original online shop page for it. In big red letters it read "SOLD OUT" but, for whatever reason, the order form was still usable. I tried my luck, sent in an order, waited a week and a half, then got a conformation that it was sent out. How lucky am I?!! What the hell!!!!!!

So, the moral of the story is - online shopping rules and continues to be the best invention ever.

Hopefully the new year brings some new free time for me. I'm feelin' good about getting back into the swing of things in the blogging world. My weekly on MTV Fora is back up and running so make sure to be checking that every Tuesday & to also follow me on Twitter
Happy New Year!


Juanduh said...

Oh please Andrew, come back!

Your blog is one of my favorite, remember that there are not many male personal style bloggers.


Matthew Spade said...

ha that's ace, screw the system and order it anyway. i have done that same thing, got an order confirmation and what dya know, it turns up! even more exciting when you get a dispatched notification too.

looking slick rick man

ELIXE said...


but I do!

Jade said...

Hahah this snapback is great. I dunno, but these pictures, with the background on shrooms reminds me of some crazy parody on an energetic Arctic Monkeys song. Hm. Anyway. I'm happy the MTV is back & I hope you continue a looot of blogging in 2012!

Amanda said...


Unknown said...

love the hat ^__^
Hope you had a nice holiday season!

OHJAMIE said...


Ashley said...

I love your MTV Flora blog.

Unknown said...

E-M-A-Z-I-N-G-G !

Michele said...

Hahah that is so fucking baller. Good for you that you were still able to get it! X

Evie Stothert said...

hahahah that hat is insane. i miss your regular posting! however i understand how busy life can get...
peace and love


Stepp Luk said...

haha nice hat!

jane said...

that is the best hat i have eva seen!



Emma said...


Maria said...

You have sooo many great caps dude!

Maria said...
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