DIY - Jil Sander Inspired Pleather Bag

Jacket - Thrift / Shirt - Thrift / Pants - Joe Fresh / Bag - DIY

My friend Nick recently posted a DIY of the Jil Sander market bag on his blog (The Elixe) and I knew I needed to have one. At first I started begging him to make me one and send it to me, but I figured I should stop being so lazy and just attempt it myself. I was lucky enough to find this amazing tan material in the odds-and-ends bin at my local fabric store. It was a steal at only $5, and it was more than I needed to complete the project. I'm not going to post step-by-step instructions, simply because it really isn't my DIY to take credit for. If you'd really like to try this out go harass Nick on his blog for his instructions. They really were helpful. :P


Paolina of Calur Villade said...

They DIY is so simple and it looks so great in the end! I love it, and when I saw his diy a while back I really wanted to make it too. Im really happy you did you did though cuz my lazy ass hasn't gotten around to it yet.


Houston said...

oh man i have been lusting after this bag forever, h&m had a neon transparent plastic one, for the life of me I don't know why I didn't get it!

A La Mode said...

This looks so amazing! I love the colour.

lucylu. said...

That's awesome. :)


lucylu. said...

That's awesome. :)


the visual jerbil said...

these bags could (will) rise up and take over the world.

Joel said...

I saw Nicks! and both of them are incredible, i MUST make myself one!!1

Aidan E said...

i just stumbled on your blog by literally accident and im annoyed that i just found out about you your posts are crazy cool and im glad its one more cool male blogger around
keep up the work man it really is great!

Iris and Daniel said...

We both just got those H&M plastic knockoffs for Fashion Against Aids, the construction seems pretty similar to this! Love it rendered in leather, need to try this out.

Iris & Daniel

JASPER said...

Really amazing!

laura said...

shiiit i've been meaning to make one for ages but being lazy and all ... cool anyhow !

Maria said...

looks fab!

Mat said...

flipping heck matey that is well good, i'm going to check his effort out too. thanks for your last comment, glad you liked

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the DIY instructions for this?! It's lovely!

Wends said...

amaze...I have always wanted one of these; clear pvc anyone?

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