Beer + Polaroids

Songs: PU$$Y - Iggy Azalea / 212 - Azelia Banks
As promised, I dug up my old Polaroid camera and started shooting with it again. The film seems to be a bit expired, but that results in the great sepia tones I got in these photos. Not so bad! It's kind of a pain to lug around a big Polaroid camera but I'll try my best to bring it out with me as much as possible!
As for the tunes, how strange that two girls with super similar names (Azalea/Azelia) release dirty, vulgar, badass songs at around the same time? Anyone who knows me will tell you how much of my heart is dedicated solely to female rappers, so these choices probably won't seem too far too. These are easily two of my end-of-summer jams.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

man i really want a polaroid camera! there's something so fun about how instantaneous it is! your pics look cool!

Polly said...

great pics! And you're friend is gorgeous, I have serious envy of her hair!

Teemu Bling said...

I have never understood why people drink so much beer in the world, but lately I've been drinking it too myself... Can't believe it, now when I think of it. :D:D I see images of me with beer on my hand flashing through my head... Lol. What has happened to me?

And yes, I love Polaroids too. :D Praise for Polaroid!

Take care Andrew!

xx Teemu

P.S. Yes Madrid was great! Had so much fun there. And it was so warm! Here in Finland it's raining, raining, raining and guess what? A bit of more rain... all the time... fun :D

Teemu Bling said...

Oh and it seems you fixed the necklace? It's gorgeous! Can't belive it broke! :(

Olive Tee said...

Polaroids turn out soo coool! I really really want one! I love these

Anonymous said...

ew u r ugly

john said...

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