Youth Of The Woods

I thought I'd share one of my all time favorite fashion videos with you guys. I saw this mooooonths ago for the first time and watched it at least once daily for a few weeks. Eventually I forgot about it but it recently came to my attention again and I'm back in the same cycle. I think it's so, so beautiful. I usually lose interest quite quickly with fashion videos but this somehow gets me evvveryyyy time. It's shot in Montreal with perhaps a few familiar faces (hello ssense models & my girl Chloe Wise of Naughty Mess Vintage). Give it a watch and let me know what you think!

Also I should mention I mindlessly gave my camera to a friend traveling to Iceland for a week. I didn't really think about how it would effect my blogging until now, but I figure I might as well make the best of this situation and share things that inspire me! Plus I've got a thing or two that I photographed earlier this week, so I'm not completely S.O.L. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Rebels With Painted Faces said...

Glad you're posting more regular now. The internet needs your personality!

Unknown said...

Lovely blog
Check my blog:

Teemu Bling said...

Wow, this was just..... the most beautiful thing I've seen today. Thank you Andrew for sharing this with us!

xx Teemu

vn said...

that was pretty amazing ... as was the song
thanks for posting it - probably would never
have seen it otherwise ... will definitely use
in a future post along with some other similiar
videos I like - so cheers for that


Kelly-Ann Maddox said...

It's beautiful. I love the scene with the sheets. My life is like that sometimes. Great metaphor..

I'm off to look up that song. For me it was the best part! :) And all the kissing, obviously.

Michele said...

Gorgeous video!

Anonymous said...

stunningly beautiful thanks again for the comment xx

SC said...

i don't really understand fashion videos... i have the attention span of like 4 seconds, and this fashion video did not hold my attention very well. i watched the whole thing, but i was not very inspired or impressed. sometimes, i feel like these fashion videos are so unnecessary. the ending was the best part. not because the video ended but because as the "youth" were walking out of the blanket-floating-in-the-wood, i could actually see what they were wearing finally. and yes i liked what they were wearing.

i know a video is supposed to be different from just 2D photos of outfits, giving it another dimension, a different atmosphere to the clothing, putting them onto an attractive personality instead of a blank attractive model. but still i find it unnecessary. especially with this.. music.

sorry for rant! wow time for me to sleep


Anonymous said...

WOW. I love this video. The styling, the models, the atmosphere, everything was so beautiful.

Olive Tee said...

ahh I love this, very very beautiful!

derek said...

this was beautiful!! there were so many things i liked about it!!!
so mesmerizing!!! omg thanks for sharing it!

you know who said...

Can I direct/film an original pullteeth fashion vid?

Anonymous said...

i don't get why people think you have any sort of talent or originality. all this shit is lame to the MAX. maybe they're just as unoriginal and lame?

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