H&M Fashion Blogger Finalist (please vote!!)

Sooo, the exciting news I was mentioning in my last post? I'm officially a finalist in the H&M MMVA Fashion Blogger Contest! I'm thrilled to be a finalist but it would be incredible to be able to cover the Much Music Video Awards for H&M. Especially doing what I love most, blogging!!

Take a look at my page below, and don't forget to vote for me! Every vote means a lot to me, I really appreciate all the support from my readers.


As a special little treat, I decided to upload my original audition video. This took a ton of time to make but it was too much fun. I swear, I started going crazy after about the 5th hour of editing videos of myself. It's a very strange thing. Anyways, hope you guys like it!


Emma said...

You so funny.


Ashley said...

I don't follow a grand number of blogs, but I honestly think you are the most original and inspiring blogger and totally deserving of this opportunity. You got my vote.

AND DAMN. That had to be a lot of work @ your audition.

Raez said...

OH GOD ANDREW WHY DIDNT YOU SUBMIT THIS?!? you're killin' me, bro.

Kylie said...

wootwoooot u kno u fine

Raez, this video got him past the first round then the finalists had to do another one... just to clarify :)


Rhiannon said...

These are HILARIOUS! You need more videos like this up here.

vn said...

just voted for you
good luck
- george


dear dukes said...


(Hint: not you.)


Matthew Spade said...

ha you're funny, wicked video. i can see why you got though in the first place. voted!

Anonymous said...

Second time I have ever seen you via video and your dance moves are fucking hilarious. You better win this

Clara said...


Good luck.

J. said...

Couldn't watch the video with sound but just know you are THE CUTEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE and I clicked that little heart with all my might. :)

subjectivism said...

ahaha I hate the mmvas. I can't go downtown without screaming 13-year-old girls in my face.

but I voted for you because you are darling.

Anonymous said...

damn that was awkward

km. said...

voted for you! Good luck!!

Kate xo

Lauren said...

you are SO ADORABLE/FUN!!!! can we be friends?? augh!

Rachella - flourishingfit.com said...

sooo great x

Anonymous said...

You are so pretentious and unoriginal

Olive Tee said...

You aaaaree awesome! I will vote!

Kylie said...

You are so pretty and uncompromising

Anonymous said...

voted! one of the rare times i voted for something through a blog post but you deserve it. was nice to hear you speak and fun vids! been checking your blog for couple years.

wobblinbetty said...

omg I've been away for a while and now I find you so BLONDE!!! and so HAWT man! ;)
congrats for the contest, I'm off to vote right now! x

A La Mode said...

This is so hilarious and AMAZING.

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