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T-shirt courtesy of Blood Is The New Black

Just saw the most recent Lykke Li video and was amazed at how much it reminded me of my brand new Blood is the New Black t-shirt. I feel like everyone in the blog/tumblr world has been obsessed with the dark, witchy, illuminati image for a while now and it is some what of a guilty pleasure of mine. I can't help but love it! Blood is the New Black never shies away from this look, so if you love it as much as I do they have lots of great pieces in the catalog. But seriously... how amazing is this video?!!!

Also, I spent a good majority of my weekend online window shopping, what with all these incredible Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. So.. I jumped at the opportunity for a contest through a website called Discount Coder to put a complete outfit together on ASOS for £100 or under. Here's what I came up with!

All Saints Square Cardigan - £45 / ASOS Tooth Pendent Necklace - £3 / ASOS Suede Buckle Creepers - £25 / ASOS Tailored Jersey Shorts - £13 / ASOS BLACK Spiro Print Vest - £18
I know I'm a touch over budget, but I was factoring in the 20% off Asos brands coupon they have! :P
If you're planning on doing any online shopping for the holidays, make sure you check to see if there are any helpful coupons!
ASOS coupon codes on Discount Coder


Anonymous said...

that illuminati tee is raw!

jane said...

wicked video Lykke Li is a goddess. LOVEEE THE TEE!

ELIXE said...

are you rubbing your head because it hurts?
being alt and trying to be "different" is so hard and strenuous

Callan said...

Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain imagery. Sweet.

anna said...


Cara said...

WHAT?! Asos do blue creepers?! *goes to search asos men's* Thank god I have big feet!

Anonymous said...

fucking love this video... and have to admit I've always loved a bit of a witchy look! ha!

BackOfTheOne said...

frist of all
I die whit lykke :) always
and your shirt is too heavy love it :)

Raez said...

damn, your tee is hot. so jealous!


and she did some ink fingers a la michele lamy, no?

Kylie said...

wait, I swear the first time I read this post the bottom half wasn't there... idk.
That shirt is so you.
And I was just browsing ASOS so mabes this coupon will come in handy... splitsies on shipping charges?


The Velvet Scientist said...

I love the witchy, mysterious vibe as well, always a favourite x

Anonymous said...

She has ink dipped fingers like Michele Lamy.

Mario said...

your blog is marvelous

Joel Gedin said...

Love the print on your tee.

<3 Joel G


thftmnstr said...

this printed tee is just amazing

km. said...

love that cardigan!

Kate xo

Kyki said...

Wow. This blog is blowing my non-existent dick right now. I AM IN LOVE.

Totes following. <3

-kyki xx


NobodyKnowsMarc said...

love the necklace..!



I love Lykke
and I can't believe that beautiful pendant is nly 3 pounds! will be in my next asos order! thanks for sharing

wobblinbetty said...

that tee is hawt!!

Jenny Morris said...

i was wondering just the other day - whatever happened to lykke li!? love asos and your blog. go canada.


Love Glasses said...

your blog is marvelous.

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