My week has been so busy! Filled with getting way too drunk, making a fool of myself and losing one of my favorite jackets. Also filled with not ideal work shifts and no time to do things that need to be done. For example, homework, cleaning my room, and most importantly, BLOGGING! I think I'm taking my camera to be fixed on Friday so until then here is a little ~behind the scenes~ from our shoot last weekend (by that I mean stupid photobooth photos we took)

And here are some photos of the leather pants I bought at the thrift store the other day and sewed tighter. They're pretty damn tight though, but whatever! I like them :)

Hope everything is well with you guys. Now, I'm off to work another unsatisfactory shift at work. Closing? Blerg. Byeeeeeeeee


tracy said...

Love the photobooth pictures.
And the leather pants are pretty cool :D

Kylie said...

I love these pictures but I wish I could enlarge them! Need closeups of those sexy hats and turbans!!


Unknown said...

its like russian full house going on.


Taj said...

looks fun!
I like your necklace

Katina said...

You have a hot bod
this is that bitch with the gold coke cans in her hair playing

Emma said...

yeah gold coke can girl is so cool

Anonymous said...

i need these pants. badass.

Benedicte said...

Nice pants!

TMFA said...

Haha best header!

tracy said...

the photobooth pictures rule (:

Unknown said...

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