Makin' Papa Jeremy Proud

Remember that partie I posted about? Well holy hell what a partie it was. DJ Skeet Skeet blew my mind, right about the time "Party in the USA" came on. DEAD. Seemed like most of Winnipeg made it out for the event so caught up with some old friends and made some new ones. These shots are all about 5 vodka redbulls in, so please excuse the rosy cheeks. And, I would like to mention that I vowed to wear all Jeremy Scott, and baby did I ever. Even twittered @ITSJEREMYSCOTT and got THIS RESPONSE (click)!! DEAD pt 2. And I will provide you with the links to all the great Winnipeg bloggers that were there, because while making this post I really realized how many there really are!

Katina of Scratches, Bruises, & Bites fame

Luke of Muke Larvin (great vlogs) and the girls of the night, the hostesses with the mostesses Chelsea & Freya of Partie & Pachoulli

NON BLOGGERS aka UNIMPORTANT (jk love u Onilee & Kathleen)

Lady in lace aka 1/2 of Tjejsajten, Lana bo bana and the funnest of the night Meaghan and Derek (vodka shots provided by Derek...oy)

Pretty girl Janique with the other 1/2 of Tjejsajten Meghan (looking great with new bangs I might add)

Emma and Katina of Scratches, Bruises & Bites & the dumbest person I know Derek
(all photos from Ronys Photobooth or taken by the dumbest person on Earth, Derek)

Anyways.. this post is coming LIVE to you from Gunsathome's Stefanie's laptop. (It's a PC, I hate it) We spent the day shopping, starting with the American Apparel warehouse sale which was pretty unreal. Spent $67 and got and stupid amount of crap I don't really need. But, we are drinking wine and getting ready to go out so I will update you all soon. Keep keepin it, mother fuckers. BYE BYE


mukelarvin said...

Party in the USA was definitely the highlight.
Not even close.


rachaelannep said...

how the fuck is one to know about AA warehouse sales? am i not cool enuff?

Kylie said...

That was pretty amazing about the Jeremy Scott tweet, one to remember for SURE.
Sweet outfit, and yes (sadly) Party in the USA is a sure crowd pleaser. What is it about that song that makes you wanna dance and sing along soooo badly??
Can't wait to see what you've scooped up, I wish more than anything to be out of Winnipeg right now... heck, I'd be happy with Brandon. Just wanna leeeeeave and be freeeee


yowza said...

winnipeg is so full of babes it's not even funny.

jeremy scott said...

that means you andrew.

meghan said...

i was really noticing how many babes call winnipeg home on friday. yeeeee babes andrew i love that sweater it is so cozy comfy and lovely to grind up on.
come home now

Aubrey7000 said...

I just couldn't resist we look so dashing and handsome standing next to eachother

xxxxxxxxx said...

wow, great pictures! i love all of their outfits, especially the flowered dress + leather combination xx


pieter said...

ahhh stylish people! love your sweater :)

Meghan and Lana said...

Friday night was babe-o-rama!!

I am so embarrassed that I know all the words to Party in the USA...

Grace said...

I miss out on so much!

Love Grace.

Hi said...

Is that Canada's Next Top Model?

Anonymous said...

ok ok ok ok
i creeped your twitter
and i saw that feather shoulder piece
and you must tell me where you got it. This isn't the right place to put this here but i'm dying over your gaga outfit right now and i will commit suicide if you don't tell me right now fksngfwlnbgfiwBGOILWbgtlg

Travis said...

goood stuff. i need that eat the rich sweatshirt. it's hard to find since it's older. did you get it recently?


Emma said...

r u famous

London Shirts said...

I love that guys boots!!

Lana said...

Hhahaha I just looked at this post again and laughed/cried when I saw myself standing next to Miss Waller. Her legs start at my collarbone.

Reason #19876382028171 why she is On Top.

Anonymous said...

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