After shaving speed lines on both sides of my head for my halloween costume (photo soon, I SWEAR!) I kind of liked the look from the top speed line up. Then I saw this photo on Garbage Dress and that just confirmed my ideas. I got my good friend Jenny over and bribed her with a hazelnut latte to shave the hell out of my head. I'll probably get sick of this in a few days and shave the top bit off, but it's fun for now!

Also my new favorite accessory, Designer Vampire Fangs! My girl Gaga did it and I base my look solely on hers, so I had to give them a shot. They're actually pretty cool, you melt these little pellets and make a mold over your teeth. If you mess them up you can remelt them and try again. I'm having trouble making mine tight enough so they don't move around. I've tried 3 times so far and third time is definitely not the charm. I will get it though! I NEED THESE TO WORK!


Jenny! said...

You're welcome!

Emma said...

punk rock

Kylie said...

SO hot, very brave of you. And I obvs love the fangs, they look like your real teeth! Crazy!

Wicker sofa, da bomb.


ps- you'll get your skeleton earring when I get those sunnies. kthnx

chelsea m. said...

very into this hair

Anonymous said...

do your hair like the guy on the right of this pic http://pregnantgoldfish.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/showffimage_5.jpg?w=500&h=375
you'd look bomb like tick tick

Nyk Bielak said...

Im going to copy you, k?

Joshua said...

stunning as usual.

Adele said...

i have like the same haircut and you look way better in it. tbh.
i like how long it is at the front, looks cool

Michael Porreca said...


natalie said...

yes! keep it!

Stefanie said...

luvs it but wish i could see it from the front without you pulling it back tbqh

dear dukes said...

Kaari and I are going to dress up as the two dumplings from that Garbage Dress post for Halloween next year.

It's gonna be awesome.

Anonymous said...

can i just say, i love everything you do ?!

Anonymous said...

this is actually my haircut too!
funny! did i tell you that the ysl bag is on the way...!!! ;)

Francheska L said...

I love everything about this!
the sunglasses, the hair, the stripes and the fangs too of course haha! X

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