thubis pubost uhbis uhbout zuboom

Can we just take a minute here to appreciate the television gold that is Zoom? I would race home from school every day to watch this shit, I never did any of the activities except for one. Stand in a doorway with your arms at your sides, then press your arms has hard as you can against the door frame for 30 seconds. After that walk out and rest your arms. They will float up. I swear to God this works and it's magic and/or witchcraft of some sort, I don't even know. Anyways, I also remember having the biggest crush on Zoe. It never seemed like a problem to me until now when I'm rewatching some of the videos and realize this is what she looks like..

No words...


Twizzle said...

OMG ZOOM!!! I love that shooow.
Stefanie and I looooved it so much in grade 6. We talked about it all the time and watched it together.

Remember Zoe was allergic to latex so she could never play their relays when they involved balloons!? AHAHAHHA

Anonymous said...

omg used to watch that all the time,
and wish bone.

Brigitte Plouffe said...

zoe was the worst. i hated her and she was allergic to latex.

kenny was the best because he rapped about the other kids on the shows. what a dreamboat!

Stefanie said...

I had a crush on Kenny too Brig! Yeah me and Chantal used to know the language and speak it all the TIME!!!!!
I can't believe you had a crush on Zoe rofl I always thought she was a little...slow?

stefan said...

pablo. keiko. this is all a little too much for me i think im going to throw up from nostalgia

Emma said...

oh maannn I loved this show.
I remember my friends and I rating the kids on their looks.

goood times.

Emma said...


Jared died


Katina said...

I was going to come and complain about my hatred for Zoe and her fucking latex allergy, but I see other people already did.
But just to add, she always had non-latex rubber gloves when they were doing things and one time the ginger wanted to high five her but instead they only tapped each other on their bandanas. Zoey was so lame

I had a crush on the black guy in the later season.

Meghan and Lana said...

omg the fanmail

0 2 1 3 4

tell me that's right. that's legit straight from memory, i didn't even watch the videos so if that's on there i didn't look at it first.

ps kenny was for sure the best


Kylie said...

HAHAHA! Love it! The door trick is pure voodoo, I tells ya.
I admit I never watched Zoom when I was really young, I hadn't even heard of it untill about 5 years ago! I still speak in their Zoom language sometimes... whatever it'd called, I can't remember! Hubby wubby dubby bubby, lol!

ps- I just found this blog and it is AWESOME! I've never found another Winnipeger blog before (none that were worth remembering anyways) so I'm kinda really happy to not be the only prairie blogger out there! Much love!

Twizzle said...

ubbandubbew ubbi lubbove thubbis pubbost!!

Anonymous said...

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