pass the bleach

So I went blonde for a (very brief) few weeks last summer, and although I didn't completely commit to it (it stayed yellowy blonde instead of the white I initially wanted) and seeing model after model going from dark brown to bleach blonde is killing me...
Martin Cohn, who I was completely unaware of before a few minutes ago, made my jaw drop.


It seems pretty cool until you realize this guy is constantly dressed up as a girl/wearing heels which kind of ruins it tbqh...but then there is the perfect, stunning, amazingness that is..

Soo.... double triple bleach? I miss being a blonde, and part of me wants to try it out again and really commit.


freya said...

let my mommy do it

Katina said...

Boy we'll do it together
Have you seen the pics of blondes i'm considering?

Kylie said...

I love the look of white-blonde hair. Maybe if you go to a salon they could make it look not so yellowish? Its worth a shot, I say go for it!


Brigitte Plouffe said...

if you do go through with this, buy purple shampoo! IT'S A LIFESAVER.

jenny! said...

let me do it again.. ha ha

Anonymous said...


Kate said...

I loved your blond self, but I guess it's up tp you to feel absolutely comfotable with it. A firend of mind did the same some months ago and it was like bang! But she look adorable with it.

I'd say, do it again! <3

Rebecca said...

iekline's (can't spell her name..or say it as a matter of fact) hair looks AWESOME

go for it
as long as it doesn't kill your hair too much x

itsschelsea said...

please do it! i'm converting tomorrowwww eeek

Anonymous said...

you need to go to a salon so they can put toner in your hair post-bleach.
it cost more but you're hair looks good and doesn't feel like straw afterwards.


sunni said...

oh man, i had the exact same martin cohn revelation the other day. it started at coacd, progressed to fashion spot, i oohed and ahhed at his johnny depp-ness for a few pages, then saw the dressing up as a girl bit and felt a little disappointed. i think there's something about bleaching loooonnggg hair which makes it more lord of the rings elves than agyness deyn(who is unfortunately not an elf).

Sophia said...

i nearly freaked when Iek went blonde, but it's completely revamped her career. she looks great!

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