The City Episode 7 Recap

My apologizes once again for my tardiness! As promised, here is the recap for Episode 7.
Whitney invites the girls to Kelly Cutrone's birthday party
Allie is all for a "girl's night." Let's party!
Allie gets Erin an interview at her agency "One"
She actually rocked it... Some of her answers were questionable, though. For instance she spent a year and a half "unofficially styling and soul searching." Me and her are a lot more similar than I thought!
Take note at that arm. It comes into play later...
Saying her body is like a big elephant in the room would be a little... inappropriate. She is for sure not healthy, though. LOOK AT THAT.
Whitney explains that Kelly "tells it as it is" and Allie is excited for her honesty... don't be so sure, girl.
When introduced to Allie, Kelly is asked to critique her outfit. She says she likes her but not her leggings.
Allie says this.
Kelly then says this.
People are saying Kelly is so out of line for commenting on her weight, and I agree that it's a very personal matter... but when you ask someone to critique your outfit then follow with "we love honesty!" you're basically opening the door to any sort of conversation?
Meanwhile Erin is chatting with her ~first love~ I swear to God I'm using that as a pickup line next time I'm out... except I'm too cheap to buy drinks, oops.
Allie storms off after Kelly comments again about her weight. Whitney follows.
This is supposed to be the morning after, but the guy is putting on different clothes? So unless homeboy brings a change of clothes to the bar I spy another inconsistency, MTV.
The cat does not approve.
Whining about Kelly basically. I love Allie but this was just plain annoying. She says she's used to it but complains about it to anyone who will listen. Brush it off, bb.
Every office job on an MTV show comes with a token friend to tell your wild stories and cry about heartbreaks to. This is Erin's.
Allie's agency party.
LOOK WHO'S THERRREEEEE!! They talk about it more here and Allie remains pissed. Kinda boring... oh except Kelly says "The best part about parties with models is no one eats" hahaha
Okay why is he there?
Whitney wears cool red trousers and tells Olivia about the situation.
As usual Olivia is bitchy and right. She tells Whitney not to worry about it (which she shouldn't) and they wouldn't have Shamoo walking down the runway. (which they wouldn't) She was brief in this episode but she spits truth.
Whitney goes anyways to see if Kelly will apologize...
Kelly is not apologizing.


Emma said...

Allie is so bodacious!

Meghan and Lana said...

"The truth doesn't always come like a shiny blue-bird on someone's shoulder." My favourite line of that episode.


Great recap! I'm all ready for next week now ;)

xo L

Meghan and Lana said...

PS. I want a shot of tequila and a bud light.

freya said...

"the cat does not approve" made me lol

Marie said...

olivia is becoming more and more of a bi+ch to me. but i still love her.
i absolutely admire kelly's persona, & still would if she hated me.

I'm loving these recaps! (:

Marie said...

to answer your question-- 30% off at davidz.com (;

Stefanie said...

that fucking guy erin 'slept' with bought her TWO drinks at once


Elizabeth, Delightfully Tacky said...

Bah! So true.

Unknown said...

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