The City Episode 5 Recap

Alright! It's Monday once again. Damn these weeks go by so fast.
Appropriately titled show
Introducing, Allie!! She is by far my fav character.
That's why.
Allie explains she's going out of town to model... I don't trust these two...
Meanwhile at approximately 1:00pm on a Friday afternoon Olivia lectures her cousin Nevan to get a "9-5 job." Sorry to interrupt but a) your job isn't real and b) shouldn't you be at your fake job at 1:00pm on a Friday? Just sayin'....
omg :')
OMG maybe Nevan could be a dog walker!!
Nothing like a walk in Central Park in the fall... not that I would know
Something tells me these guys are going to get into some trouble tonight...
This is how the story goes. Catarina meets Adam. Apparently goes home with him until 8:00 am and kisses him. Also she has a boyfriend of 4 years.
Oh shit. That's it. Nevan has to be a dog walker. It's settled.
Erin: "God bless greasy diner food"
That is the one line to win over my heart. Erin, you ain't so bad.
Very contraversal head band. To be honest... I kind of like it. There, I said it.
"Apparently Adam and Cat kissed last night"
"Doesn't he have a girlfriend?!"

That girlfriend is back in town! Hugs & Kisses~*~
Adam tells Allie about the girl and very unconvincingly tells her it's all fine and nothing happened. Also, look closely at this one. Check out the white van. It's door is completely open.
Sloppy work MTV... sloppy work...
Nevan moves in with Olivia
Apparently these shoes are "super comf" as he put it. No amount of comfort makes up for that.
Whitney looking nice.
Erin looking nice.
Allie looking pissed. This lunch is where she hears from the girls about her terrible boyfriend.
Enjoying life.
Calling Adam.
Arguing with Adam.
Making up with Adam. I don't like them together but this is sure to make for some good drama in the coming episodes. Also, they showed a "Coming up this season on the City" preview at the end of this episode and it seems like some pretty good stuff goes on. Jay wears a top hat. That's all I'm saying.


Stefanie said...


Stefanie said...

also: good call on everything that has to do with my new fave character NEVAN on this recap post.
"Apparently these shoes are "super comf" as he put it. No amount of comfort makes up for that."
I lol'd. I miss watching the City togeths in your comf room and being the funniest people ever

Annyong said...


YA and i wear it not as retarded too.

extraordinary machine said...

i missed the first nineteen minutes of the episode, but now i feel like i've seen it twice.

a note on whitney's headband: i like that the episode aired, and already half an hour later there was a 'controversy'.

god bless america.

Emma said...

Eww Erin's a nail biter.

Katina said...

I don't watch this show.
I think that MTV should do the following:
Instead of trying to bank on the success of Gossip Girl's NY setting by making a spin-off of a spin-off of a show based on the OC, they should just straight up base a show on Gossip Girl.

Meghan and Lana said...

I love love love that his name is Nevan. Because Evan just doesn't cut it.

My favourite was when Oliva is grilling him about the rules to crashing on her couch:

"No chicks in my clothes. No chicks in my apartment PERIOD unless I OK them first."

She's such a BWORD!!!


discotheque confusion said...

haha, this the best commentary ever.

ack, I have another couple of wks til it starts showing here. two more weeks of freedom!
those guys look like class A douches. but I guess that's the type the Hills/Laguna/City producers love best.

bye bye lauren!

LJL said...

this is amazing. i love your blog therefore i am following it!