To start: I was looking at Alexander Wang backpacks and basically foaming at the mouth. I've wanted a nice leather bag for a while now, but haven't been having much luck thrifting. I decided to check on Ebay last night and was lucky. I got this guy for $4.35 + $1.50 shipping. $6.85?! I'm not complaining. God knows how slow the shipping will be for $1.50, but I will wait patiently for that price.

A catch I picked up at Value Village today. Poor girl's parents discarded her beautiful ballet photo. Me and Emma named her Crystal. Say hello to Crystal. She is very special and will fit in well with the rest of my randomly collected crap.

On a side note, I saw Frank of the Postsecret fame do a talk today. I wrote about how terrible he was but it was way tl;dr and I didn't want to bore you guys. To sum it up, he was pretty self indulgent and pretentious, in my opinion. He had nothing valuable to say and he should just leave the postcards to speak for themselves.


Emma said...

I thought it was Krystal with a K??

Ah well regardless, she's such a cool bitch.

Katina said...

Hi Krystal.
Frank is a doucheturd. I don't want to know how jizz covered those postcards are.

Annyong said...

are you getting that backpack

can i borrow it


Chip said...

I ordered it already :)

Annyong said...

you are amazing and rule my life.

i want that backpack so bad.

Anonymous said...

can you upload project runway canada? what happened to your The City recaps?

Chip said...

You can watch full episodes here


And my recaps will be back next week, sorry!

elephantshoes said...

Holy Goodness! I wish I could find cheap as chips leather bags!

longge said...

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