Fly Away My Friend...

Ok, so here's the story. I was watching Mama Mia (pretty awful movie, surprisingly the only good singer was the chick from Mean Girls) and during one of the old lady performances this MILF was sporting the fiercest shoulder pieces known to man kind.
Which got me thinking about how awesome it would be to have access to a movie wardrobe. I'm sure you could go wild in a big studios closet, no? Then I just thought about simply being rich, and any little wish could be your command. Then it made me think of this fierce mother fucker. (not Perez)
Now the game plan is to figure out how I'm going to make myself one of these since I don't have the luxury of a) a movie wardrobe or b) a ton of cash. Suggestions/tips are appreciated! ;)


Brigitte Plouffe said...

i LOVE brandon flowers. he's wearing that exact jacket in nylon and i almost DIED.

Stefanie said...

i'll make it for you

Stefanie said...


Katina said...

omg mind twin
I was thinking the EXACT same about Brandon Flowers like a week ago...How I need a jacket like that.
You know what, people are tough on the Killers because they're popular and mainstream, but I still like them. As long as they keep putting out good music I'll keep listening. They sound like The Cure, I think is what I like, because The Cure is my favourite, and I love New wave, the Killers just do it up now a days style, and I like that.
I like Brandon Flowers and I think he is handsome. I don't even care he's mormon.
Mr Brightside came on the radio today and I stil like it a lot.
I just still really like the killers.

Stefanie said...

is katina drunk

Andrew said...


yeah she was ahaahah

dear dukes said...

After I saw Mr. Flowers in Nylon I decided I am going to wear feathers like that for New Years.

I have a plan for how to make them, and it's easy, but I'm not sharing said plan.

roxanne said...

brandon flowers is such a badass.. one of the few men i can tolerate in feathers.

Meghan and Lana said...

go to michaels.
buy a bag of feathers (ask richard for details).
cut a tshirt up so its just the neck and shoulders part.
glue the feathers on the shirt.
go out.


just an idea.