online shopping = the death of me pt 2

My first "online shopping = the death of me" post was about me lusting over items but never ordering them out of guilt. As if that wasn't enough of a problem, now I order these items (almost) guilt free! I think my whole philosophy about clothes (mainly pants) is quality over quantity now. I recently ordered a pair of Jeremy Scott pants for a modest $99. Not going to lie, wearing designer feels pretty darn good. Alright, onwards with my freshly recent internet purchases!
Sneaker Steve shoes, similar to the ones I blogged about recently (here). I didn't get a deal like his (3 pairs for $50),  but $48.75 marked down from $130 is nothing to complain about.
Judging my the reaction on the sheer pants post, no one likes my choice in pants. Well that's okay, because I LOVE these Filippa K pants! Marked down from $249 to $124, then $93... I 
 I should mention I was having a HELL of a time figuring out European sizes for this stuff. 
I should also mention a shout out to china. More material objects that are filling the hole in my miserable soul!


Katina said...

Love them both this time.
Like a love the pants as in your my stylish friend sort-of-way, but like, if I saw you walking down the street I wouldn't be like "Gotta bone that buy who is flashing me some ankle."
Just so you know the vibe you're giving off.

Kyle said...

LOL I have to say I'm really loving this "online shopping = the death of me" mini-series!!! Big fan here because I can so relate.

You shouldn't feel so bad. Your purchases are hardly outrageous and you are actually finding some really good steals! Just stay away from the sheer lol.

I really like Filippa K!! $93 is really cheap for that brand. I'd buy a pair too if I could pull off man-pris like that. Where did you find it??

Andrew said...

Ugh! Another hater of the sheer! Oh well... maybe I will hold off production on those for a while.

And everything is from http://www.revolveclothing.com
They have some wicked deals but you have to scroll through some... not so great items to get there (they carry Ed Hardy, lets just say that :P)

Stefanie said...

i hope you shave your legs when you wear those

mukelarvin said...

Chalk up one more anti-sheer/
pro these-things comment.
I can understand the appeal of the sheer... they just don't seem practical. For me anyways.

Buying clothes off the internet stresses me out.
I hope sizing of designer clothes is more consistent.

We need to find some cool old tailor who does alterations. I know DIY is in right now and is better for us all as a society, but I think having our own old guy (with an accent preferably) would be pretty sweet too. (Also I suck at sewing.)

Meghan and Lana said...

i like your purchases. and i like the novelty sheer pants, but just because they're funny-lookin'
i look forward to seeing these purchases in 'real life'

Meghan and Lana said...

Love them! See my comment on the sheer pants post. I'm on the bandwagon.

joshua said...

I am late! But I needed to add that I really really like those shoes.

Anonymous said...

Great finds..! Those shoes are really very stylish. Love the color combination.

Ruzanna said...

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