i gave into the man...

This bad boy is mine in 3-9 business days. I probably won't listen to Jack Johnson on mine though... And I realized I have never owned a NEW phone, I've always had a hand me down. I'm super excited and I don't care if you think it's overrated or anything. It's better than a pebble and it's only going to cost me about an extra $15 a month! Don't you dare rain on my parade, Apple haters (I'm looking at you, Jesney


Stefanie said...

blah blah blah i can't believe it

Meghan and Lana said...

I am tres tres jealous. I want onnnnne. I might have to get one now.

I hearddd Apple had a mayjah part in the passing of prop 8. truth?

whatever the phone is fucking cool I say


Meghan and Lana said...

ok wait upon further googling i have ironically discovered it was GOOGLE that isn't down with same sex marriage and APPLE that has poured thousands into stopping the prop. props, GOOGLE.
ok thats it

Andrew said...

holy shit I did NOT hear that... what? how?!

Ok I just looked it up and they donated 100k for AGAINST prop 8... which is good!

Emma said...


Anonymous said...

i think its a good thing. an apple a day...or something like that it was.

have fun with it (i bet you will, i want one too!)

White Lightning said...

its the best thing ever. i'm sorry, but it is.

you can download a style.com app and look at every runway show ever

you can also make your phone into a light saber.

and you can watch youtube videos of japanese penguins who go to the supermarket ON YOUR PHONE.

the future rules, basically

Sumit Khanna said...

I have a MacBook...that died. I wouldn't call myself an Apple hater but I hate being a fanboy too.

I recently got a Palm Pre. It's still too early to see if it will compete with the iPhone. They need to open up the development kit to write apps, although Apple waited to release their SDK initially too.

I found this post because I was looking for images of the Motorola Pebl. I think Palm chose Pre because the name Pebble was taken. It is shaped and feels just like a pebble.