I'm joining the army

You know it's fashion week when my blog is taken over my mens style photos. Thats how my  blog started, me posting fashions I was lusting over by designers I would never be able to afford. Well here we are again, except this time it's for Spring/Summer, not Fall/Winter. I find the placement of the fashion weeks are so terrible. Here I am looking at beautiful outfits for next spring when the long winter hasn't even begun.  
Anyhow, here is a jacket from the (some what) affordable Diesel Black Gold line. Perhaps Iw il be investing my money into a good piece or two this year...
They also had some really cool military inspired hats that rule. These are the types of things I would buy in a heart beat in a second hand store but wouldn't pay top dollar for, you know?


Stefanie said...

regarding the last hat:
are you still on your meds or something

Andrew said...

I AM...I don't love it I just think it's COOL OK....

Unknown said...

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