Clark & Hout - Pass It On

Raez of Cheap Thrills
Local design firm Clark + Huot held an event that is very new for us in Winnipeg: A networking party. It was really a first for a lot of us but it was a really valuable experience. I've always thought that Winnipeg was home to a ton of extremely creative people, and what a great idea to put them all in a room together to simply talk. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to use up some of my Polaroid film. Here are some photos of my good friends as well as some amazing people I met that evening!

Thanks again to Clark + Huot for the great event. Make sure to check out their blog for some more photos from the party, including my painfully awkward "red carpet" shot. That's something that definitely takes some getting used to!


secret said...


Muffy said...

Polaroids always make everyone looks so amazing! I love it when they develop weird or the film is old so you get little imperfections.


chelsea said...

A 'networking party' - that's such an awesome idea! It must've been really fascinating bouncing off lots of different brains :D Love the Polaroids, they remind me that I need to take my instant camera out MUCH more often.

amy said...

This looks like a beautiful time. Makes me wish I was closer to Winnipeg. I'm in Calgary, sigh!

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

rachel s said...

ah that looked like loads of fun. and cheers to incorporating Polaroids/film on your blog... they are so charming!



yess so true, many creative people and amazing bloggers in winnipeg! :D
when polaroids go all weird like in the 3rd photo, it looks cool but it also really gives me the heebie jeebies!

Olive Tee said...

I need a polariod camera!! loooks soo cool!

Kylie said...

Oops I forgot to comment. Love these pictures, you took a lot considering how expensive the film is! But so worth it. Wish I was there. <3

Emma said...

God this looks so fantastic.

Jade said...

Great bloggers together + lomography lookin' photographs = perfection. You should print tees with your blog logo, by the way, I love it.

natalie b said...

double feature! cool shots as always Andrew

costra y ampolla said...

Raez <3

Jeanne-Ange said...

Nice shots! You winnipegian folks seem all to be so damnnn cool!

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