I don't often post lookbook/runway shots on my blog, but when an opportunity presents itself you have to take it as a sign. I had quite a few shots from this lookbook saved in my inspiration folder knowing nothing about what the label was or where they came from. Low and behold, I get an email from the designers of the line asking me to be an official international blog partner. Now what does that mean exactly? It means good things for you! I'm pleased to announce that they are offering an exclusive 20% off promotion for readers of my blog! I'm really glad that I can showcase smaller companies through my blog, especially when it means great deals for my readers! The pieces are all handmade and often made-to-order so you can expect truly original and beautiful pieces. Don't be surprised if I end up posting myself wearing this line in a few weeks. I neeeeeed a few of the pieces.

So, go check out their webstore by clicking the logo below.

Use the coupon code pullteethinternational to receive your 20% off


RACHEL said...

ahh the joys of being a successful blogger... this lookbook is gorgeous!


lucylu. said...

THIS IS AMAZING. Sorry, caps was necessary.
Beautiful! :)


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

LOVE these. xo


Kylie said...

I think you can guess what I have my eye on

Sofie said...

Ooh yes I'll take those platforms. I love that the guy is wearing creepers too :D

In response to your comment, it's not an annoying question at all haha! I used my little Canon 50mm f/1.8 for most of those shots : )

sandraaa_xo said...

I'm glad you did, this is actually wonderful! and the model are very very unique.

patrickwilde-welde said...

So Nice Collection , i like !

Driving A Delorean said...

This is the best lookbook-styled report you've done ever!!

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Preston Family Dentist said...

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