Bad Timing

I decided to take a look at Value Village yesterday which happened to be the day after their big 50% off day, but I figured I had nothing to lose. I'm so glad I went because I managed to find four incredible pairs of sunglasses. Most of the tags said they were on the floor for the sale. I still can't comprehend why no one snagged these. Oh well! All the better for me! Perhaps with the coming of winter people wouldn't think to look for sunglasses. You've got to plan ahead, people!!

An incredible pair of orange circle shades. I can't believe these were thrifted! For a better look at the color click here

Rounded tortoise shell glasses with metal frame.

By far the best find of the day: Vintage Rayban wayfarers in brown. I still can't get over these. I'm so used to seeing bad knock off wayfarers I almost didn't look at these, but I'm so glad I did. Raybans have such a unique shape that is impossible to replicate or duplicate, and this is especially true with vintage pairs. The tag on these said they had been on the floor for over a week. I really don't understand how they weren't snatched up at 50% off day but hey, I'm not complaining!
Now... to plan a sunny vacation to get use out of these...


Katina said...

ooh sepia tone.

Stefanie said...

So they have the rayban logo on the inside or something? Those orange ones are hysterical!

Andrew said...

Yeah Stef, they said B&L Ray-Ban USA on the inside, along with a serial number

Jeanine said...

I found a pair of RB's at VV but i lost mine in the forest. Be careful!

Raez said...

mega jealous. those circle shades are insanittttty.

ps. i cant get into way farers. they always touch my cheekbones and i can't smile in them, haha!


BackOfTheOne said...


Meghan and Lana said...

woahhh the round tortoise shellies are beauties.

Obscure Alternatives said...

The tortoise shell glasses are fantastic.
Just wanted to say you're one of my favourite blogs and you're definitely on my list of daily reads.

Willis said...

in love with all of them. i dont ever get why people give away awesome things like these but all the better for you!!

Nia said...

The first pair is awesome!

Vinda Sonata said...

i agre with antonia.
i love the first pair.
great pictures!!

ELLE said...

I don't care what anybody says- You can't beat the tortoiseshell wayfarers. Jealous!

km. said...

I found a pair of vintage rayban at a goodwill in the peg last year!! The lady gave them to me for $1!! Best find ever

Kate xo

freya said...

hey so did anyone reply to that email you sent regarding the irregular boarders of all your moles? whats the verdict?

Anonymous said...

loove the orange glasses from mini market you're wearing in picture one.I Want to get the same. Saw them on the blog get your plane right on time and absolutely fell in love with them ... Awesome blog again


ukrainian girls said...

Very original.

Georgia said...

looove your sunnies!! sweet finds xx

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