My Super Sweet 20th

So last week my youth officially ended. I turned 20. I celebrated the occasion with an unbelievable party put on by the hottest DJs on the block, Mami Flaca Flame and Relic Hunter aka Chelsea and Freya aka Partie & Pachoulli. A local band called The Paps performed and blew my mind. I'm pretty sure they made my brain explode. Literally. I was smiling ear to ear the entire night and I'm pretty sure the photos make me look like a grinning buffoon but I'm alright with that! I thought I should dress up a bit for the occasion and I don't think anything would feel more right than Jeremy Scott did. Here are a few of the photos shot by my pal Jane. I would've brought my camera but I didn't really trust myself to operate such an expensive piece of machinery on a night like that.

(The Paps - Cut & Paste Girl)

Wearing Jeremy Scott t-shirt, vintage leather jacket, secondhand shorts, Dr. Marten boots

Thanks again for everyone who helped plan such an incredible party! By the end of the night the venue was packed with the best pals a guy could asked for. Not sure how I'm going to top this one next year. Vegas, maybe? Hm....

I should also mention that I did an interview with Samia for Goldzmine. It's a nice, quick interview with some interesting questions, it's worth checking out!
(just click the logo)

Just recieved an email from "JS ASSISTANT" and I think my heart is going to come out my mouth right now...

I thought turning 20 was going to end the end of my life, and I was right. I'm dead. I died happy as a damn clown, though. WHAT THE HELL! Thanks "JS Assistant" and thanks Jeremy! My birthday just got a million times better!!!!!


costra y ampolla said...

Flintstones tee!!!

samia liamani said...

we're birthday buds! um that jeremy scott tee is so good. i hope he sees this, and then sends you twelve of them for looking so fly.

thanks again for the interview!

Willis said...

oh andrew how did you dye your gorgoues hair that yellow

shit i spelt gorguosu wrong

fuck i spelt spelt wrong

I V Y said...

coolest party pics!
happy birthday!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Really great photos and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Heh, Clarissa from Clarissa explains it all is the best style icon ever ;)

Harajyuku Kid's said...

Wooow, you're so coool.
I love ur fashion, cool& cute hair.
You have to come Japan.

You will become famous fashinist!!!

Bor said...

Great photos and happy birthday!!

Liz Harvey said...


YES TO ALL OF IT! (cute mother voice)


Unknown said...

"the your cave or mine tee" PRICELESS!


Adam said...

thanks. seriously if ever in need of slightly-fug-but-strangely-endearing-nontheless 80s glasses, ebay is the place. fucking gold mine.

and the jeremy scott top is definitely right. along with your boots, jacket, shorts and hair.

happy birthday!

Isabel said...

Yeahhhh, welcome to the wonderful cult of the 20s. It's pretty good up here.

Izzy said...

Happy Birthday!! Your hair is so bad it's good.

BTW thanks for the nice comment you made on that guy on LJ that said my DIY's were "semi haute semi jank" haha

dear dukes said...

No way!

You should just suck it long and hard, bitch.

Lang and hard.

Hills xoxo

TREYFUS said...

milk that bitch for all she's worth! i can't believe you pull teethed this one off. I LOVE ANDREW, and jeremy. oh, and you "JS Assistant".

Anonymous said...

The flinstone themed birthday atire was rad andrew! Fred flinstone would be proud.

Izzy said...

How about with electric tape underneath like a Margielic "censored" bar? Haha just throwing crazy ideas out there

Willis said...

blah blah blah im jealous ok
nice job haha
ya deserve it

Anonymous said...

This whole Jeremy Scott thing is too legit.
Love you
PS thank you for only posting pictures in which I look pretty

km. said...

Woahhh JS.
Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great time! And how could you not in that shirt!?

Kate xox
Collections and Creations

km. said...

haha...i'd also like to add, i love the Clarissa Explains it all reference.

Kate xox
Collections and Creations

Adele said...

Duuuuuuude, that is awesome. Everything. I can only hope to look as badass as you/have as good a party for my 20th.
Happy birthday, Andrew! (not as cool as 'JS Assistant' but it's said with love!)

Kylie said...

I just realized I hadn't left a comment for this post so I came to say that you have to send me the JS pic right when you got it... I guess I was too late! So cool, I'm shaking rn ok. Tell him to hook us up with fashion week tickets, oookaaaaay


Emily and Abigail said...

lusting that "your cave or mine" shirt! really great!.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well! :)


Shade said...


miss foxy said...

i love love looove your tshirt <3

Puck Litaay said...

ah that's really cool. i love the hair, yayy.
congrats eh!


Anonymous said...

You are amazin' You're hair is so dope and check you out getting a message for Jeremy Scott. Megahhh!
I know you're birthday's already gone so have a happy next few days courtesy of me. eep.


Meghan and Lana said...





Alan Li said...

Happy belated birthday! And congratulations on the H&M feature! I found your blog through that! I'm adding you to my blogroll now ;)

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